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Mr. RauRauR | June 1, 2024

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Top 10 Rules For An Unforgettable Wedding Night Sex

Top 10 Rules For An Unforgettable Wedding Night Sex

Everyone expects to have the most amazing sex of their lives on their wedding night. After all, it is the first night that a couple spends as man and wife. But for various reasons, this does not happen all the time.

Here are the 10 best rules to have a great wedding sex night:


Expand and extend the wedding night

The day has been very long, and  both of you could be dead tired as the adrenalin shoots down your bodies upon the culmination of around 9 months of preparation. Worse,  both of you might be too tired to have honeymoon sex on your wedding day.

So maybe you can extend the definition of wedding night until the morning of the following day. She’s still in her dress and she still has those wedding lingerie on. So why not? Two well rested bodies can wage a more fierce battle in bed.



Get some help

Getting a few tips from the experts won’t hurt. There are many sex themed  books that  will give you tips on the various styles and positions that you can apply. These books will help you to be more creative in bed and will guarantee satisfaction. Sex books will add flavor and excitement to your honeymoon.



Help her undress

The wedding gown is one of the reasons why weddings have bridesmaids: They help her carry the end of the gown while the bride walks.

And because you can’t take the bridesmaids with you to the honeymoon (although it sounds like a good idea) your new bride will have a hard time taking it off during the  honeymoon. Make this part of your foreplay instead of letting her grapple with the gown. This would add excitement and anticipation for the main event.



Celibacy is part of preparation

For most couples, wedding night sex is not their first as a couple. So if you really want to have a wild and hot night of total non-stop action, then you might think of not doing it for about a week before the wedding. If your urges permit, try two weeks. Celibacy before the wedding day will reinstate the magic of the very  first time. It will fuel your hunger for her flesh, and vice versa.



Alcohol is Judas

Like Judas, alcohol betrays men. Since the wedding is a time to be merry, wine and liquor should overflow in the wedding reception. But as the groom, you shouldn’t drink one glass too many because your libido starts and ends with alcohol.

If it’s the best wedding night sex that you want, ditch the booze until after the honeymoon.



Compliment her beauty

Before both of you get undressed, you’ve got to tell her how beautiful she’s been throughout the day. Your new wife has surely spent hundreds of hours trying to look good for the wedding, and nothing beats a compliment from her spouse .

If she thinks she’s beautiful, her sexuality and sensuality zooms up. It will give her more confidence in bed, especially if she’s a virgin.



Play before foreplay

It has been a long day and you’re both so tired  and all-stressed out. Spend the first hour of your married life by swapping  jokes and stories about the wedding. Get a good laugh and take time to rest a bit.

Relaxing before the actual sex act calms your minds before lovemaking. Take this  time-out first because if you have a relaxed mind, you will have an active body later on.



Wear something special

Wedding night lingerie can improve the appetite for love making. Let your wife pick something that is different from what she usually wears in bed.

On your part, you can  get an upgrade. Maybe you should buy a new pair of  sexy boxers which you will use during the honeymoon. Just make sure that both of you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Because the confident lover is always the better lover. And the better lover is always the better performer.



Use props

On this special day, let the setting be special too. Incorporate scented candles, romantic music and even scatter rose petals on the bed to set a great mood.

Remember that great sex starts with the right mood. And yes, because this is a special day, get a room at a hotel and have your honeymoon anywhere but the same bedroom where you’ve done it before. This adds to the excitement.



Don’t expect too much

No matter what you will do to prepare, there is always the possibility that it won’t  be the best sex you’ve ever had as a couple. The wedding preparations have surely drained both of you mentally and physically. The reception was also very tiring, especially having to entertain those many guests.

So whatever happens between the two of you on your honeymoon night, just enjoy it. Remember it’s just the first of the countless nights you’ll have as a couple. And sometimes it’s making up that is lustier.

Now you know the rules, it’s time to play that game. Start your marriage with a bang by banging her to sexual nirvana on your wedding night.

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