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Mr. RauRauR | April 18, 2024

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10 Steps on How to Make a Girl Squirt Like a Pro

10 Steps on How to Make a Girl Squirt Like a Pro

There is a growing body of men and women who swear they know how to make a girl squirt. This is contrary to the belief that not all women are capable of achieving a squirting orgasm. Being able to give a woman a squirting orgasm will make you a member of a very small group of men and believe me, being a member of that group is a truly great feeling.

Here are 10 steps you should take to get you closer to giving your woman a truly mind blowing squirting orgasm.

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10. Preparation.10. Preparation

It is known that drinking water will help in achieving a squirting orgasm but it is important to over do it so. Also, make sure to get a towel as it might get a little messy.

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Relax9. Relax

It is very important that the girl is relaxed, especially if this is the first time she is going to experience such an orgasm.

Make sure she’s comfortable, willing and patient. Keep her relaxed and this should work out well for the both of you, squirt or no squirt.

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8. Give her an orgasm.8. Give her an orgasm

While you’re at it, she’s naked and ready for sex, give her a good first orgasm. This might seem like an unnecessary step and most guides teaching how to make a girl squirt will not even mention this step but studies have shown that the first orgasm is not as strong and doesn’t last as long as those that follow.

The first orgasm serves as an ice breaker and will make you both more comfortable.

You also have to understand that the reason she will eventually squirt is because of the strength of the orgasm. Remember that you want her relaxed, and well-lubricated. The first orgasm helps in achieving both (among other things).

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Get her wet7. Get her wet, very wet

You would be giving her vagina a strong workout and in order to avoid any pain or friction you need to make sure she is well lubricated.

It is better to use a water based lubricant and you can always use your tongue since we all know a good cunnilingual workout will get a girl pretty wet.

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Another Orgasm6. Get her ready for another orgasm

Start using your fingers and getting her ready for another orgasm. A natural position would be to finger her, palms up and pressed on her clit. Start with an in and out motion with frequent flicks to the vaginal walls.

Work her up till she almost near an orgasm.

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Under cover ... the G spot is not easy to find5. Find her g-spot

If you still don’t know where her g-spot is, this is the time to find it.

With a finger, and your hand palms up, feel for a slight bump, about the size of a walnut located about two inches inside the vagina. It should be almost directly under the clitoris. It would have a different texture and consistency.

For some girls, it should be slightly rougher. In most instances, it is more squishy.

Get to know that bump intimately, as it is a very important trigger for your sexual relationship.

Seriously, knowing where the g spot is located is a gold mine for your sexual adventures. This is the ultimate trigger and if you know where it is and you know how to use it, you will be a very happy and satisfied man :).

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Two fingers palms up4. Two fingers palms up

When she’s ready for more, insert two fingers into her vagina, with the hands palms up. With the thumb or the open palm, press on her clitoris, and continue to finger her using an in-and-out motion.

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Come hither3. Come hither

With two fingers deep into her vagina, flick the g-spot in a “come hither” manner.

Don’t press too hard on the g-spot.

This might take some time, but keep on with the “come hither” motion.

Be patient and don’t rush things. Every woman is different and while some might explode in a matter of seconds other would need more time.

Don’t rush it and be gentle. Even if she’s bucking and screaming while she asks you to do other things. The slow tickling motion will result in a slow buildup and an even stronger orgasm.

Continuing in this motion will make her come, sooner or later, and there is no need to hurry up the process.

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2. The U-spot.2. The U-spot

When she is ready to come (or when you start to get tired) you can then use your two fingers separately, one would be on the top of the g-spot and the other below it, massaging the g-spot with firm pressure.

Continuing the pressure on the clit, you should also be rubbing on the upper entrance of the vagina. There is a slight bump on that area called the u-spot.

Pressing on the u-spot will help push her over the edge.

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Explosion1. Push and Bear

With all that foreplay, erotic stimulation, and genital massaging, the girl should orgasm hard.

At that point, she would also be feeling as if she is going to pee.

It is when she is at this point of orgasm that she bears out on the pressure and lets go.

Letting go at the same time, as she orgasms will force fluids out.

This is what squirting is all about!

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Life and Sex Will Never be the Same Again

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I know that it might sound to bold of a statement but I stand behind it 110%.

After I learned how to make any girl squirt (well, almost any girl) my sex life has simply became amazing.

There are tons of sex guides out there that claim to teach you how to give your lover an orgasm and especially a squirting orgasm. While some of these sex tips may be useful, most guys (me included) can’t sit there and read a book for hours, trying to visualize different sex positions and techniques and how they would work.

I don’t know about you but I need to SEE something with my own eyes in order to really understand and learn how it works.

Guys need to SEE something to actually learn it! Especially when it comes to making women squirt.

This is why Marcus London’s Squirting Mastery is DIFFERENT than any other sex instruction guide out there!

And that’s exactly why it worked for me and why it will WORK for you!

If you don’t know who Marcus London is don’t be alarmed. He is an English porn star that appeared in more than 120 movies. I didn’t knew him by name also. After all, we guys tend to focus more on female porn stars, right?

Now here is a question for you:

Who would be better to show you exactly how to give your woman a squirting orgasm than a true porn star that mastered it himself and done it on screen dozens (if not hundreds) of times?

I can’t think of anyone better.

Just as you imagine (and I’m sure you are, I know I did), Marcus London’s Squirting Mastery features gorgeous professionals acting out the fingering, oral sex techniques and sex positions that make their legs shake.

I know what you are asking yourself now (since I asked myself the same thing).

You mean to say that this video guide has hot naked women that SHOW YOU exactly what to do on camera?


Marcus London’s Squirting Mastery is an instruction video, but you’re not going to have to sit there and watch someone sit in front of their webcam and read from a script.

How would you learn anything that way?

With this video guide, you get a STEP-BY-STEP VISUAL instruction on how to make your wife, girlfriend or any women you meet experience a squirting orgasm. Over and over again. Marcus demonstrates the technique on 5 different women with full detail.

When you discover the powerful sex secrets that thousands of men DON’T know, you will see incredible changes in your sex life, LITERALLY OVERNIGHT.

Sex Will Never Be Boring Again!

Life Won’t Be The Same Again!

Marcus London’s Squirting Mastery isn’t about sex tips that you use once or twice and get bored of them quickly, like so many other tips out there. These are techniques that produce a squirting orgasm every single time, and no woman ever gets tired of climaxing.

Even if you end up sticking with your lover for months, years or for the rest of your lives, you will still be able to use the techniques you learned to keep your sex life stellar.

That’s right, it won’t matter how long you’ve been together! The sex will always be hot!

Don’t wait. Take control of your sex life now!

Watch Marcus London’s Squirting Mastery and give your woman an earth shattering, squirting orgasm TONIGHT!

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