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Mr. RauRauR | June 15, 2024

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Top 10 Greatest Homemade Sex Toys for Men

Top 10 Greatest Homemade Sex Toys for Men

Sex with your wife or girlfriend is always amazing, right?  But when you’re really horny and she’s not around, it’s best to turn to homemade sex toys for men.

Although genuine sex toys are still ideal, they are very expensive.  Unless you have $70 to spend on a Fleshlight, check out our list of the greatest homemade male masturbation toys that are easy to make and use.


10. Homemade Dildo

Homemade Dildo

Some people use deodorant or beer bottles, but this is closer to the genuine dildos for men because it has a vibrator.

How To Make

  • Get an electric toothbrush, a tissue paper or a clean cloth, a condom, and a bottle of baby oil, lotion, or hair conditioner.  
  • Wrap the toothbrush handle with tissue paper or cloth.
  • Put a condom over the tissue or cloth covered toothbrush.
  • Apply some baby oil, lotion, or hair conditioner on your dildo.

How It Works

If you are thinking about buying cheap dildos that break easily, then you’re better off with this homemade dildo that even your girlfriend will love.


9. Homemade Sex Doll

Homemade Sex Doll

If you own a dress shop or have a friend who does, this should be easy.

How To Make

  • You need a mannequin, a paper towel core, a dishwashing sponge, and some baby oil, lotion, or hair conditioner.
  • Dress up the mannequin preferably with something that has a zipper.
  • Put the dishwashing sponge inside the paper towel core and bore a hole in the middle of the sponge.
  • Pour your lubricant into the core.
  • Secure the paper towel core in the zipper area of the mannequin’s clothes.

How It Works

Although a mannequin does not have soft silicone breasts, at least you’ll have something round to grip and squeeze as you try to get an orgasm.


8. Watermelon Vagina

Watermelon Vagina + homemade sex toys for men

 If you did not get any satisfaction from the doll, this one will surely work.

How To Make

  • Make a hole on a watermelon; its diameter should be slightly smaller than the size of your penis.
  • Scoop out some of the melon’s flesh, but not all of it.
  • Heat the melon in a microwave for five seconds, and then pour some lubricant into it.

How It Works

Insert your penis into the hole of the watermelon and imagine a vagina’s moisture.


7. Homemade Flogger

Homemade Flogger + toys for men

 Let your handwork give flogger manufacturers a run for their money.

How To Make

  • You will need a broom handle, string, paint, and tie-dyed cloth strips.
  • Paint the broom handle with your choice of color and let it dry.
  • Tie the ends of the tie-dyed cloth strips together and then fasten these to one end of the broom handle.

How It Works

It’s the perfect toy for foreplay.  You and your partner can take turns stroking each other.


6. Homemade Pussy

Homemade Pussy

This is an ideal substitute for the expensive Fleshlight.

How To Make

  • You will need a latex glove or a small plastic bag, a face towel, a donut bun ring, and a lotion or baby oil or hair conditioner.
  • Fold the face towel diagonally and then insert it in the glove or plastic bag.
  • Fold the edges of the towel over the sides of the glove or plastic opening, and then pour some lubricant into it.
  • Put the whole thing through the donut bun ring and you’re all set to play.

How It Works

Insert your penis into your homemade pussy.  Adjust the tightness of the donut ring as you squeeze yourself.  You could also try another homemade pussy recipe.



5. Homemade Super Head Honcho

Homemade Super Head Honcho + homemade sex toys for men

Since the real one cost anywhere from $29 to $60, you might as well settle for a homemade version that guarantees the same pleasure.

How To Make

  • Mix together 100 grams of starch and 200 grams of water in a microwaveable tumbler. 
  • Heat mixture in a microwave for one minute to slightly harden it.
  • Using a clean stick, make a hole in the middle of the mixture.  Dig until the bottom of the tumbler, but see to it that the diameter of the hole is an inch smaller than the size of your penis.
  • Leave the stick in the mixture as you put it back into the microwave to heat for another 30 seconds.
  • Let it cool in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes.

How It Works

After your Super Head Honcho mixture has cooled down, pour some lubricant in the hole and remove the stick.  Put your penis into the hole and bask in infinite pleasure.



4. Homemade Cock Ring

Homemade Cock Ring

Although a cock ring is one of the more affordable sex toys for men, an improvised one might just come in handy.

How To Make

  • All you need is a long satin ribbon.  Never use a rubber ponytail because this will give you pain instead of pleasure.
  • Make adjustable twin loops with the ribbon.  Both loops should be the size of your balls.
  • Make another adjustable loop the size of your penis.

How It Works

Simple as it may seem, this toy is perfect for masturbation and sexual intercourse.  For masturbation, load your balls into the twin loops, and then generously fill the third loop with your penis.  Adjust the loops according to your preferred tightness.  Meanwhile, in sexual intercourse you’ll go wild as she gets you tangled in the loops using her hands and mouth.



3. Homemade Butt Plugs

Homemade Butt Plugs

If you are a regular anal sex performer, you will find this far more interesting than other homemade sex toys for men.

How To Make

  • Put a pair of golf balls or chrome balls in a condom.
  • Pour water into the condom and tie it up.
  • Lubricate the condom with baby oil, lotion, or hair conditioner.

How It Works

Lubricate your anus then insert your homemade butt plugs into it.


2. Homemade Vibrator

Homemade Vibrator

Who says only women use vibrators?  It’s also a man’s thing.

How To Make

  • Get an electric toothbrush or electric razor, socks, and an elastic band.
  • If you’re opting for the razor, remove the blade before you proceed.
  • Cover the toothbrush or razor with a sock.
  • Tie your vibrator with the elastic band before tying it around your waist.

How It Works

Before you use your vibrator, be sure that the batteries of your electric toothbrush or razor are new.  Press your vibrator firmly on your balls and work your way up to the tip of your penis.  This is ideal for masturbation and foreplay sessions.


1. Homemade Couch Pussy

Homemade Couch Pussy

No more lonely nights with this homemade toy.

How To Make

  • You’ll need a beanbag, couch or chair that has a zipper, a tissue roll, a condom, and a lubricant.
  • Remove the core of the tissue paper and put a condom in its place.
  • Tuck the sides of the condom’s opening between sheets of rolled tissue.
  • Pour some lubricant into the condom.
  • Open the beanbag’s zipper and secure the couch pussy.
  • Zip up the beanbag again but see to it that you don’t squish your pussy.

How It Works

Pull down your pants and insert your penis into your homemade couch pussy when there’s nothing on TV that can satisfy your sexual cravings.


Your Turn

Do you think these homemade sex toys for men can satisfy your libido or do you have better suggestions?


  1. Stephanie Jones

    toys are getting better every year. You can not go past a rabbit 😉 Just a
    heads up, if your man is away a lot and you don’t wan them straying away then
    you should check this out for him. They wont need to look anywhere else.

  2. Sharon

    For those of you girls out there like me that don’t give their man much, think about getting them one of these. They will never stray

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