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Mr. RauRauR | June 15, 2024

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Top 10 Best One Year Anniversary Ideas For Your Girlfriend

May 27, 2014 |

There is nothing sweeter for a couple than reaching a milestone in their relationship. For an unmarried couple, the first of those milestones is the 1st year anniversary. 365 days of togetherness is not a joke, it is an accomplishment … Read More

Top 10 Tips to Consider Before Moving In Together

March 11, 2014 |

When two people are in love, everything is beautiful for the parties involved.

However, life isn’t like that.

It takes only a matter of time  before the grey areas of the relationship start to emerge. And this is exactly the … Read More

Top 10 Speed Dating Questions To Ask Women

November 8, 2013 | | 2 Comments

Because it only takes roughly five to ten minutes to know one woman, every man should have a list of speed dating questions and get ready to decide who is the most ideal for relationship. … Read More

Top 10 Ways on How to Get Out of a Platonic Relationship

June 8, 2013 |

There is a special place in relationship hell that a lot of men go to and it is called the friendzone. Unfortunately for some guys, the women they like may sometimes not see them in a romantic manner. For some … Read More

Top 10 Romantic But Cheap One-Year Anniversary Ideas

March 2, 2013 | | One Comment

So it’s been a year and everything’s peachy and rosy. The first anniversaries, whether for marriage of in the relationship, are meaningful and special. It is also a cause for disappointment if expectations are not met. Women would want to … Read More

Top 10 Things to Say to a Girl to Make Her Smile (Not Smirk) at You

February 22, 2013 |

According to statistics, men rarely express what they feel making the relationship barren and dull, but those who are able to do so continue to have a happy love life. Committing to a relationship is not a simple task. It … Read More

10 Best Online Dating Sites That Will Help You Find the Right One

February 16, 2013 | | 2 Comments

If you’ve been waiting for love to find you but you’re still unsuccessful, why not do something to search for your soul mate? The easiest and most convenient way to do this is to use dating sites. Through this, you … Read More

Top 10 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend for a Romantic Relationship

January 27, 2013 |

Though actions speak louder than words, there is nothing much sweeter than telling your partner those three words – “I Love You.” If you are having a date with your girlfriend, you can give complements on how beautiful she looks … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Why I Should Get a Divorce

January 24, 2013 |

All of us who have taken the vows of saying “I do” at the altar definitely expected a fairytale end like the stories we hear from our grandparents that goes “And they lived happily ever after.” However, unfortunately, such is … Read More

Top 10 Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Dynamics that People are Most Curious About

January 16, 2013 |

In a society where age does matter, a relationship between an older man and a younger woman is generally more acceptable than a relationship between an older woman and a younger man. Still, because of the unconventional nature of these … Read More