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Mr. RauRauR | July 16, 2024

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Top 10 Speed Dating Questions To Ask Women

Top 10 Speed Dating Questions To Ask Women

Because it only takes roughly five to ten minutes to know one woman, every man should have a list of speed dating questions and get ready to decide who is the most ideal for relationship. Take a look at these top ten speed dating questions for guys.

10. What do you do?

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One of the most basic and simple speed dating questions that’s totally safe to begin with. This will help reveal some general background about the girl. You will know if she has the same interests with you, what is her personality, how does she keep herself busy and what kind of people surrounds her.


9. What would you passionately do if you were not doing the job you have right now?

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This can be a follow up to the first question. Ask them what they really love to do, their ambitions and desires in life. If a woman loves her current job then she is emotionally ahead with a lot of women today. If you want to uncover her innermost wish in life then take this as a hint on how you can genuinely connect to her.


8. Is there something you don’t want to talk about?

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Always be considerate about her feelings rather than diving into a battery of questions. This will help you set some boundaries and clarify everything first before starting. Being polite is a way of making a good impression as well.


7. Can you tell me about your last relationship and why did you break up?

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This is one of the most common speed date questions that usually fly around speed dating events. Previous relationships are usually hard to get over with and this is generally the reason why she is on speed dating. Chances are it will help you uncover what kind of girlfriend she is, gauge her emotional stability and see if she can be a good partner.


6. What is your most embarrassing moment?

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Being barraged repeatedly with some boring, interview, work-hobby kind of questions is not a joke. Come prepared with lines to inject humor into the conversation. Be ready as well for your responses. Make it light, engaging and simple.


5. If you can travel through time, is there a part in your past you would like to revisit and change?

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Her response to this will give you an insight on how well she dealt with her past. Questions about experiences, failures and achievements will show what kind of person she is and if she is capable of doing something better in life or if she just simply hanging around.


4. What do you think can change the world?

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This is one of the best speed dating questions that will test the girl’s intelligence and wit. Make it casual to maintain lightness of conversation. Just in case, you should also be ready to have an answer for this as well.


3. How do you see marriage and long term commitment?

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It is important that you know if you are both on a mutual track. Attraction can possibly happen in the first meeting but it is essential to determine if she is only looking for a casual date or someone to settle with on a long term. Her opinions about commitment will reveal how emotionally mature she is.


2. Can you tell me about the things you are most proud of?

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Questions like this will help you uncover the values of the person and know the things that really matter to her. Value for material, career or intellectual pursuits influences and creates a personality that may or may not work in a relationship you are looking for.


1. What superpower you wish to have?


Wrap up the conversation with a light- hearted and amusing question. This will give you a peek into her personality, her dreams and desires as well.

These speed dating questions will help keep the conversation interesting, reveal relevant information about a woman and get clues about what she is looking for. This will also tell you if you share some common attributes to start a date and eventually make a good relationship. Always remember, one of the most effective speed dating tips is asking the right questions.


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