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Mr. RauRauR | March 17, 2024

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How To Look Like A Male Fitness Model: 10 Steps You Need To Know Now

How To Look Like A Male Fitness Model: 10 Steps You Need To Know Now

Men often envy those well proportioned fitness models in magazines, billboards and TV ads because they get to rule the world, get all the babes and leave all of us behind them.  But the good thing is that looking like them is not exclusive, it is a choice. You can choose to remain in envy, or you can choose to be one of them.

If you choose the latter, here are 10 tips on how to become a fitness model like them:


It is a process

Getting that rock hard body of a male fitness model isn’t an overnight deal. It is a long process that requires countless hours in the gym, diet and discipline. So you must be prepared for an overhaul. Because depending on where your body is right now, you might need to change your eating habits, your lifestyle and perhaps even your friends.


Getting lean

Getting that fitness model frame requires you to get lean. So if you’re a skinny guy, you don’t only have to eat to add mass. You have to eat clean and put in a lot of cardio hours.

However, if you’re already a bulky guy or a body builder, you have to get cut and sacrifice strength. Keep in mind that to achieve your goal, you have to get lean and this may involve sacrificing strength over looks.


Doing the math

Shedding those pounds involves reducing your calorie intake. But remember also that drastic reduction of calorie intake is not a shortcut to getting a fitness model body.  Your body starves when you reduce by up to 1000 calories per day. When that happens, it stores almost everything that it’s eaten to maintain balance.

So what you should do is gradually reduce calorie intake. Start by dropping 400 calories a day and take it from there. Do the math and count those calories well.


Consider Pilates

Pilates does sound uncomfortable for men. But it’s one pretty damn good workout to get flexibility, endurance and build lean muscles. But aside from the physical benefits, it also relieves stress and makes one more agile. So if you think Pilates is for middle-aged moms in their minivans, think again. Pilates will help you achieve that fitness model look. Who knows, you might meet some none middle-aged and non-minivan driving chicks in class.


Don’t forget water

Water plays an important part of the routine. First, water lets you stay hydrated all day long and powers you for those hard grinding workouts. But water also plays a crucial role in metabolizing the protein that you eat. So rather than sodas or juices, drink water instead. Always keep a supply of drinking water on hand at all times.


Eating clean

Make sure that you eat healthy meals. You can do this by taking pre-cooked food to the office or school so you can eat regular meals without having to settle for those unhealthy food stuff at the stores.

The question of what to eat is not answered by any diet. No two people respond to a program the same way. Start by doing the 50-30-20 ratio: Eat 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat each day and take it from there depending on how your body responds.

Again, the key is watching the weight and counting the calories.


The myth on sit ups and crunches

We’ve always thought that sit ups and crunches will get us that six pack chiseled chest. Most men go crazy doing sit ups and crunches and most of the time they overdo it.

While it’s true that sit ups and crunches do build up your ab muscles and make them look more visible, you aren’t going to get that six pack without putting in some major cardio.


Aerobic workouts

Aerobic workouts like cycling and running  push your heart to a higher rate and lets the blood run through the body faster. This process helps in rebuilding your muscles and making them look visible.

As you progress with your training, gradually increase your cardio by steadily increasing your anabolic threshold. A higher anabolic threshold enables you to work out longer and harder. It also makes your body recover quickly on the following day.


Rest is important

Just because achieving that model look requires a long period of time doesn’t mean that you have to work 24/7. That body of yours needs to rest so the muscles can recover after a tough day at the gym. Your body responds better to training if you completely take some days off to rest. Rest will give your body the time to rebuild.


Not forever

You have to realize that when you become that fitness model dude that you want to be, it is not going to be permanent.

Just as those rock hard models on TV, you won’t see them after a period of time. This is because no human being can live his whole life with a dangerously low fat percentage in his body. Add the fact that you need to work out hard, go on diets and take supplements, that body is not going to last. So make the most of it while you can and enjoy looking good for the girls.

So waste no hour and start the clock.  It’s time to make you body rock and let those hot babes flock.

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