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Mr. RauRauR | August 11, 2015

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Top 10 Effective Penis Enlargement Exercises

Top 10 Effective Penis Enlargement Exercises
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Every man wishes, or hopes rather, to be well-endowed in terms of penis size. While genetics can play somewhat of a factor as to what your junk would be like, there really isn’t much you can do to drastically change your penis size.

Or so we all thought.

Nowadays, thanks to advances in science, technology and health there are now methods that you can use to increase your penis size. One of the breakthroughs is penis enlargement are simple to do exercises that can help improve length and girth. These exercises can help benefit any man, regardless of the size of his penis.

Here are the top exercises you can do to gain a few inches and feel more like the man you want to be:

10. Stretch It Out10. Stretch It Out

One method you can use to increase your penis size through exercise is to stretch it out. What you need to do is hold your penis by the head upwards and stretch, counting to ten. After, stretch it to other directions such as to the left and to the right while doing the same counting patterns for five minutes a day. Think about it like stretching your neck, only your neck won’t grow longer but your junk surely will.

9. The Hands That Rock the Cradle9. The Hands That Rock the Cradle

A majority of the exercises will include the use of your hands and in some cases your partner’s hands as well. While other devices sold in the market can help, penis enlargement exercises through the use of hands are the best to increase its size.

8. Yanking Your Chain8. Yanking Your Chain

Another exercise to increase penis size involves holding the tip of your dick again. This time, you will need to stretch it away from your body using one hand. Then, using your other hand, place the thumb at the lower portion of the penis where the base is. Do this while stretching out your penis and hold it for ten seconds. Do this exercise for five minutes once or twice a day but never more than that.

7. Maintaining the Gains7. Maintaining the Gains

Doing exercises using the programs you will use should be enough to ensure that the gains you get from them will be permanent. Just like exercising different parts of your body, your penis should also receive formidable gains when you perform exercises with it. The good news is, once you get the size you want, you will no longer lose it.

6. Pull It Backwards6. Pull It Backwards

With this exercise, you will need to pull the skin of your penis backwards moving into your body by using your thumbs. The rest of your fingers will be underneath the shaft to provide support. While holding it firmly for tens seconds, be sure that you do not grab it too tight as to cut off circulation. Do this for five minutes a day as well.

5. Pulling in Opposite Directions5. Pulling in Opposite Directions

This one may seem to be a horrifying idea for some men, but you also need to try it out. One hand should be on the tip and the other on the base. What you need to do is to stretch out your penis by pulling it in opposite directions, similar to what you would do to taffy. Again, do this for five minutes a day with ten second intervals.

4. Kegel Exercises4. Kegel Exercises

This exercise is not only for women but men can also benefit from it as well. Part of enlarging a penis is maintaining a rock hard erection. So, the more control you have over your junk the larger it will appear to be. Do this by controlling your PC muscle, also the muscle you use to stop the flow of urine. Contract the PC muscle 20-30 times to start with and work your way up to as much as you can per day. When you can feel it and able to control the muscle, you will notice a significant improvement with your penis size especially during intercourse.

3. Jelqing Off3. Jelqing Off

An age-old technique, you will require some lubrication for this and need to be semi-erect for the exercise to work. Jelqing requires you to massage your penis by pulling it outwards from the base in a continuous motion by alternating between hands. It may seem like you are masturbating but what you are really doing is pushing the blood from the base to the head. There really is no limit to how many you can do but for your benefit, start off with a low number and work your way up.

2. Circular Rotation Exercise2. Circular Rotation Exercise

Similar to stretching out your penis for ten seconds, pull your penis outwards using one hand and rotate it while stretched. Rotate it in one direction for 30 seconds then again in another direction. Repeat the process about five times and do this daily if you can to see improvement in penis size.

1.The Old Ball and Chain1. The Old Ball and Chain

Although not recommended by most, another exercise you can do should you choose to go through with it is to attach a weighted device on your penis. This will then force your penis to be stretched downwards and increase in length over time. This method was popularized by the Japanese and in most cases worked really well. However, do so at your own risk as this exercise can be dangerous if not done the right way. Do the other exercises first before considering this one.

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