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Mr. RauRauR | June 19, 2024

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10 Warning Signs That You Have A Cheating Girlfriend

10 Warning Signs That You Have A Cheating Girlfriend

Newsflash: no relationship is ever cheat-proof. If you have good reason to suspect your girlfriend is creeping with another dude, then you have to know for sure.

There are ways to tell if she’s fooling around, although you also have to leave room for doubt. Is she trying to make you jealous? Maybe. So be smart. Pay attention. Read the signs.

Either way, it comes down to two things: you’re just being paranoid OR you’ve got yourself a cheating girlfriend.


1.  She’s obsessing about her looks – when she never used to.

signs of infidelity

She’s bought new clothes, lingerie, makeup, perfume and other stuff to get dolled up. Plus, she’s really looking hotter and sexier than usual. That’s fine with you really – you don’t mind being with a hot girl who’s making other men envy you – until you realize she’s going on dates that don’t include you.


2. There’s mystery friend she couldn’t stop talking about.

girlfriend cheated on me

Suddenly, this guy “friend” is a regular conversation topic. He could be a co-worker, an old high school pal or a friend of a friend. She could mention him in passing too, so watch out for signs.

She’s your girlfriend, and if you’re spending time with her like you should – a thing that’s out of the ordinary like this is hard to miss (unless of course, you’re more keen on spending time with your Xbox, loser).


3. Your sex life has become non-existent.

how to catch a cheater

If you used to have incredible, mind-blowing sex together and now she refuses to even get naked in front of you – then you might just have a problem.

A cheating girlfriend will actually try to be “loyal” with the other man in her life by not sleeping with you. If she’s “too tired” and “not in the mood” for more times than all your fingers and toes could count, then she’s probably getting the love elsewhere.


4. She. Just. Stopped. Caring.

women who cheat

She used to nag you about everything – from the dishes to taking out the trash. Now, she just stopped complaining.

If you haven’t fought recently and she just stopped doing the things she used to do – like asking about your day, being interested in what you have to say, heck, even nagging you to death about leaving the toilet seat up, then something is clearly amiss.


5. She protects her phone and laptop like a guard dog.

signs of a cheater

She used to leave her phone out in the open, often asking you to check messages for her if she’s unable to, and she shares with you her Facebook account password.

Now, she takes her phone to the bathroom, angrily snatches the phone when you try to go through it and she has changed every password that you know. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out she’s hiding something from you. The question is, what is it?


6. She goes off the grid for a few hours.


She’s missing for a few hours, her phone is off, and nobody you ask seems to know just where she is. Alright, a few times is fine – but when you’ve lost count of the times she has done this, then you might want to know just where she goes. Does she seem embarrassed when you ask her where she’s been? Does she deflect your questions? Hello, red flag.


7. She makes plans for a fun weekend – without you.


She used to spend weekends with you, and you remember how she used to love it. Now, she makes plans with friends week after week, deliberately excluding you.

More importantly, is she even with the friends she says she’s with? Go out on a limb and casually check with her friend. You have phone numbers of her friends, right? Right?


8. She withdraws from your friends and family.

cheating girlfriend warning signs

She used to want to hang out with your family, and is eager to get to know your friends. Now she makes up excuses not to see them, and seems to have lost interest in talking to them. This could be a sign of guilt – as hanging around with your loved ones will make a cheating girlfriend feel guilty.


9. She says I love you – less and less.

signs of a cheating girlfriend

Okay, so maybe your relationship has reached a comfortable level where you both don’t really need to say it every day – nevertheless, when you do say it, she refuses to answer. If she does answer, it seems so forced and out of character. So what gives? Maybe she’s feeling guilty about telling you something she doesn’t feel for you anymore. Ouch.


10.  You have become annoying for no reason.

warning signs of a cheater

She picks a fight with you for no reason, starts an argument with the flimsiest excuses and is generally hostile towards you. This cheating girlfriend is probably feeling guilty and is using the nagging to justify her betrayal. She needs to feel better about acting badly, and the only way to do this is to find faults in you – even when it’s totally insignificant.

Always give the benefit of the doubt. No matter how impossible it is, there might be a good explanation for her actions. However, do not be completely gullible – trust your gut and follow your instincts as well. Cheating girlfriend or not – don’t second guess yourself, take everything into consideration and decide on what’s best for you.

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