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Mr. RauRauR | June 6, 2024

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10 Different Tie Knots And When To Use Them

10 Different Tie Knots And When To Use Them

Brightening up your plain and standard suit can be easily achieved through the use of different tie knots. Ties are available in various colors, styles and lengths and knotting them properly can complement your attire. However, many men find this task troublesome and end up using the same tie knots all the time.

Listed below are 10 different tie knots and when you can use them.


10. The Four-in-Hand

The Four-in-Hand

Perfect for not-so-formal occasions like social gatherings and parties, this tie knot is commonly worn by tall men. It greatly matches shirts with narrow spread and button down collars. This tie knot is asymmetrical and has a smaller and elongated shape compared to other tie knots.


9. The Full Windsor

The Full Windsor

If you love wearing dress shirts with wide spread collars, the full Windsor tie knot is highly recommended for you. This style is great for formal events like weddings and corporate meetings. A simple way to recognize this style from other different tie knots is by its elegant dimple and large knot.


8. The Half Windsor

The Half Windsor

If ever you see someone wearing a tie with symmetrical knot resembling an inverted triangle, he is wearing a half Windsor tie knot. Tall and big men prefer this style and this is a perfect match to shirts with medium width spread collars. You can use this tie knot during business meetings and job interviews.


7. The Double Simple (also known as Prince Albert)

The Double Simple (also known as Prince Albert)

This tie knot is just like the four-in-hand style but the difference lies with the length of the tie in front. It is mostly preferred my men with short torso. This is also a great match for shirts with narrow and button down collars. A perfect wear during parties and social events.


6. The Pratt (also known as Shelby)

The Pratt (also known as Shelby)

This tie knot is similar to the Windsor tie knots but it is a little smaller in size and much easier to achieve. This style is great for shirts with medium width collars and should be used in formal occasions. Just take note that for this style, the thickness of the tie affects the size of the knot.


5. The Double Cross (also known as Christiansen)

The Double Cross (also known as Christiansen)

Dubbed as the most versatile style among different tie knots, this double cross knot can be used in formal and informal events. Use this knot in shirts with narrow collars and ties with narrow widths. This is highly recommended for tall and skinny men.


4. The Cape

The Cape

Are you planning to attend a festival or a special religious ceremony and still undecided on what tie knot you will use? Worry no more. The Cape style will definitely complement your attire and is ideal for all sizes of collars. For best results, choose mono-colored and striped ties.


3. The Eldridge

The Eldridge

This is the most difficult style among the different tie knots you’ll ever encounter. There are many moves you have to do; commit one simple mistake and you’re back to square one. This usually attracts attention and you can use this in any formal and informal occasions. To get the best results when using this tie knot, try pairing a vest or a suit with your shirt.


2. The Van Wijk

The Van Wijk

Artist Lisa Van Wijk created this style which turned out to be the tallest knot among the different tie knots available. Perfect for dress shirts with narrow collars, this tie can be worn casually. The only challenge you’ll ever encounter in creating this tie knot is determining the right length.


1. The Balthus

The Balthus

Do you love wearing a jacket or vest on top of your dress shirt? If yes, this tie knot is perfect for you. It requires three steps to achieve the magnificent size of the knot. Ideal for weddings and formal events.

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