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Mr. RauRauR | June 6, 2024

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Get Rid of Love Handles Fast: Top 10 Best Exercises for Men

Get Rid of Love Handles Fast: Top 10 Best Exercises for Men

Get ready to follow these best workouts that will eliminate your love handles. These exercises are designed to sculpt the oblique muscles. Do them in the gym or at home and you will definitely see the results in a short period of time.


1. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

This exercise targets specific oblique muscles to get rid of love handles. It also helps shape the abs for a much defined look. Here are the steps.


  • Lie on your back raising your shoulders a little bit off the floor. Bend your knees to 90 degrees. Tuck your hands at the back of your head for support.


  • Bring your right knee to your left elbow while maintaining your left leg in a straight position. Lift your shoulders and avoid pulling up your neck.


  • Repeat the same procedure to your left knee and right elbow. Do this combination in 6 repetitions.


2. Russian Twist

Russian Twist

This method can shape your obliques fast. It can strengthen your core muscles as well. Follow these simple steps to achieve incredible results.

  • Place your feet flat on the ground and knees bent at 90 degrees. Keep your torso in an upright position then slightly lean back while contracting your abs.


  • Stretch your arms together in a parallel position. You can grab a medicine ball or simply clasp your palms together.


  • Slowly twist your torso from side to side. You can also increase the intensity of your routine by using weights. Do 6 – 8 sets for each combination.


3. Side Oblique Crunch

Side Oblique Crunch

This is extremely effective in shaping and tightening the side muscles. It is a simple yet intense workout because it requires you to maintain proper balance to correctly crunch your sides. Here are the steps.

  • Lie on one side with your back in a straight position then squeeze your obliques.


  • Hold the crunch for 30- 45 seconds then slowly release. Do this for 3 repetitions.


  • Repeat the same procedure on the other side. Increase the hold count for more than 45 seconds if you are able to master this routine.


4. Side Bridge

Side Bridge

This is one of the ways  to sculpt obliques. It requires the strength of the arms to balance a side planking position and a major torso lift to stretch the side muscles. It renders intense squeeze to the muscles. These are the steps.

  • Lie on one side with your back in a straight position and the elbow to support the upper body.


  • Straighten and cross your legs. Lift your abs up to the point where your shoulder stays a few inches away from your ear. Then hold for 5 seconds.


  • Lower your pelvis slowly. Repeat 10 times for 2 sets on each side.


5. Cable Woodchoppers

Cable Wood choppers

This is an effective way  to erase love handles by carving out a defined v-cut on the lower abdomen. Cable woodchoppers also target the lateral muscles. This can also be done using free weights for added resistance. Here are the simple steps.

  • Hold the cable pulley perpendicular to your body.


  • Twist the body to the farthest point it can reach. Hold for 5 seconds and return to the original position.


  • Do the same on the other side of the body. Keep your arms straight throughout the session. Make 15 reps on each side.


6. Lying Trunk Twist

Lying Trunk Twist

This is a love handle exercise that is so simple to execute but delivers the best result. This has a standing version but both positions are beneficial in shaping the side muscles. Here are the steps.

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees in 90 degrees. You can also place a medicine ball between your knees.


  • Spread your arms and twist your lower body until your knees touch the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and do the same on the other side.


  • Cover 30 sets and add more reps as you continue
  • Place the kettle ball vertically on the floor. Grab the handle in one hand and place the other hand flat on the floor.


7. Kettlebell Single-Arm Row

Kettlebell Single-Arm Row

This exercise tightens the core muscles while strengthening the back. The rowing movement specifically targets the abdominal muscles while shaping the obliques. Follow these simple steps.


  • Lift the weight going towards your side while contracting your core muscles.


  • Do the same on the other side. Make 12 reps on each side in 3 sets.


8. Dumbbell Side Bends

Dumbbell Side Bends

Another effective way to enhance the side muscles, these side bends are made to contract the obliques by isolating them. You can increase the size of weights once your side muscles get bigger. Here are the simple steps.

  • Stand up straight and hold the dumbbells on each side.


  • Slide down your right hand going to your thigh as you lean to the right. Do the same to your left.


  • Do at least 15 reps on each side in 3 sets.


9. Ball Side Crunches

Ball Side Crunches

This exercise tones the abs in a lateral flexing action. The obliques are forced to move by lying on the exercise ball. It targets the other side muscle and not the part that leans on the ball. Follow these simple steps.

  • Lean on the exercise ball, put your arms on your chest and extend your legs apart


  • Raise your upper torso from the ball and lower it back afterwards. Do this alternately on each side for at least 8 reps.


  • Inhale while lifting your torso and exhale when going back to the original position.


10. Roll and Curl

Roll and Curl

This is a slightly difficult routine using the exercise ball but once done frequently can help sculpt the obliques. It also helps tighten leg muscles. Follow these steps.

  • Start in a push up position then bring your feet on top of the exercise ball.


  • Balance your body and tighten your core.


  • Bend your knees inwards going to your chest. Then, extend your legs back into the original position


  • Repeat for 8 reps in 2 sets.

All these exercises to reduce love handles can show the best results if coupled with the right diet. Always remember to get enough sleep and sufficient hydration. Can you think of other effective ways in shaping the side muscles?

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