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Mr. RauRauR | June 23, 2024

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Top 10 Worst Foods that Cause Acne

Top 10 Worst Foods that Cause Acne

Do you know that you may be eating foods that cause acne? There are different factors that can trigger acne. But one of the most common triggers is acne-causing foods.

If you are prone to acne or are already suffering from it, eating these foods can trigger or worsen your skin problem. Here are just 10 of the worst acne-causing foods you should avoid:


10. Margarine and Butter

Margarine and Butter

Both margarine and butter are made from oils and fats. Consumption of these products in large quantities may increase excess oil in the skin, which may eventually be trapped in the pores and develop into acne.


9. Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is low in sugar and offers many health benefits, including stress relief and lower  blood sugar. However, chocolate is among the foods that cause acne.

A study was conducted with men suffering from mild acne, aged 18 to 35. The respondents were given 12 ounces of pure unsweetened chocolate. The researchers found out that acne lesions increased from an average of 2.7 at the start of the research to 13.4 on day 4 and 18.2 on day 7. It is important to note that dark chocolate will only cause inflammation of existing acne.


8. Meat


Men and boys, except for vegetarians, are generally known to be meat eaters. If meat is part of your diet and you are constantly battling acne, it is time to make a little change in your diet.

Pork, beef and other red meat contain DHT which stands for 5 alpha dihydrosterone. DHT is responsible for making sebocytes which explode to become sebum. Sebum is an oily substance which clogs the pores of the skin, triggering acne. The more DHT you have in your system, the more acne will be developed.

Although it is hard to totally eliminate meat in your system, you can slowly reduce your meat intake for better skin.


7. Seafoods


Seafoods such as shrimps, crabs, oysters and lobsters are high in iodine which is scientifically known to trigger acne breakouts. That is according to Harvey Arbesman, a  dermatologist from the University of Buffalo.


6. Refined Sugar

Refined Sugar

Foods that are high in sugar can increase the level of testosterone and insulin in the body. pointed out that both insulin and testosterone have to do with pimple and acne outbreaks.


5. Soda


A 12-ounce soda normally contains around 10 teaspoons of refined sugar. That amount of sugar is not healthy for your overall health. And it is not healthy for your skin either.

Too much sugar may cause acne breakouts so it is best to keep your body hydrated by drinking water instead.


4. Processed Foods

Processed Foods

Processed foods are among the foods that cause acne. There are many types of processed foods which you can buy in the supermarket. They include hotdogs, canned meats, microwave dinners, chips, frozen pizzas, and many others.

What processed foods have in common is that they contain preservatives and are high in sodium. The iodine in sodium and the toxic components of additives and preservatives will cause acne to develop.


3. Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are among the top foods that cause acne. When you consume spicy foods, they can cause a sensation of inflammation in the digestive tract. This feeling in turn will upset the digestive system and subsequently aggravate acne. Excessive consumption of spicy foods may also increase blood flow to the face, resulting in sudden redness.


2. Fried Foods

Fried Foods

Fried chicken and french fries are among the popular foods that cause acne. But it is not only in eating that you will be exposed to oily foods.

If your work entails frying or exposure to oil, you are also prone to develop acne. According to Ellen Marmur, MD who works as an associate professor in the Dermatology Department of Mount Sinai Medical Center, oil particles in the air can coat your skin and clog your pores. Therefore, you have to wash your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser right after work.


1. Milk

Milk + foods that cause acne

A study  conducted by Dr. William Danby showed that drinking milk may increase the production of oil in your skin. Excess oil clogs the pores of the skin, which in turn may potentially result to acne.

Additionally, milk may contain high levels of hormones and antibiotics which are usually given to pregnant cows. These hormones and antibiotics may trigger acne. The researchers also point out that even organic milk contains hormones which may aggravate acne. This finding makes milk among the foods that cause acne.

If you are prone to acne, you have to watch out for what you are eating and drinking. These include foods that cause acne. Although the list here is not all-encompassing, you could use it to start a diet that can help you get rid of this common skin disorder.

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