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Mr. RauRauR | June 17, 2024

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How To Drive A Manual: 10 Ways Real Men Can Drive Stick

How To Drive A Manual: 10 Ways Real Men Can Drive Stick

Don’t you have any reasons to start learning how to drive a manual?

Let me tell you this: Real men treat both clutch and stick as friends while on the road. There are women who can drive a manual so stop being a coward and be man enough to do the same!

Having said that, let me teach you how real men drive.


10. Roll the windows down

 Roll the windows down

After getting in, start by rolling the windows down. This will help you hear the engine sound clearly. You will rely on the engine when adjusting the gears so make sure you can hear it. Don’t ignore this step if you are just starting to learn.



9. Know the pedals

pedals + how to drive manual

Unlike the automatic, manuals have 3 pedals. We call it the CBA pedals because it stands for clutch (1st pedal), brake (2nd pedal), and accelerate (3rd pedal). The sequence is same for both left-hand and right-hand cars.



8. Know what clutch does

clutch + how to drive a manual car

Clutch differentiates a manual from automatic. It serves as your safety tool when shifting because it lifts up the spinning engine from the wheels. This allows you to change gears without killing the engine. Always step on the clutch before you switch the stick upwards or downwards.



7. Adjust the stick to neutral

stick + neutral + driving manual

Before you start the engine, move the stick to neutral first. This means that it should be in the middle where you can freely move it from left to right or vice versa. Fully pressed clutch and neutral shift gear are 2 signs that you are out of gear. You don’t need to press the clutch when in neutral.



6. Start the engine

Start the engine + stick shift

Step on the clutch when starting the car’s engine with your key. Fully hold it on the floor as you insert the key until you get the engine running. You can pull your feet back from the clutch once the car starts. Make sure that you are on neutral before releasing the clutch or else the engine will die.



5. Make the first gear

Make the first gear

Now you must take the first challenge of driving a manual. Make your first gear by stepping on the clutch. Hold it on the floor and adjust the stick on the top left position. You can check the pattern on the knob and look for the #1’s position.



4. Familiarize yourself with the engine sound

engine sound

Do this by slowly releasing the clutch. Once you hear the engine dying, push the clutch again. This is known as the friction point and you need to recognize this sound when driving a manual. Repeat the process until you become familiar with it.



3. Move the vehicle

how to drive a manual stick

To move the car, slowly lift your foot from the clutch. Once the engine power drops slightly, put little pressure on the accelerate pedal. The technique is to balance the pressure on the accelerator and then release of the clutch. Do not release the clutch immediately because it will kill the engine.



2. Make the next shift

2nd gear shift

You can make your 2nd gear shift once you reach 2,500 – 3,000 RPM (it depends on what car you use). To do this, step on the clutch and adjust the stick to the bottom left position. You can look for the #2’s position on the knob’s gear pattern. Listen to the engine sound and wait for the moment when it wants to race more.



1. Make the stop

how to drive a manual transmission car

You can do this by releasing your foot off the gas and moving to the brake pedal. Apply pressure to the brake until your speed falls down to 10 mph. As you feel the car shakes or vibrates, put full pressure to the clutch. Hold the clutch and shift the stick to neutral.


Does it sound complicated? Of course it is!


Real men are not only handling complicated women but they handle complicated driving as well. We are built for this and we deny our manhood by not doing it. There’s nothing to be afraid of because if some women can do it, why can’t men?


Once you get the hang of it, you will find it fun. Borrow your friend’s manual car and start practicing now. Then, share us your experiences or give us more tips on how to drive a manual on the comments section below.

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