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Mr. RauRauR | July 23, 2024

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Top 10 Ways To Get A Bigger Dick Without Pills

Top 10 Ways To Get A Bigger Dick Without Pills

Every man wants to know how to get a bigger dick. This is to ensure confidence during sex while bringing the woman into orgasm.

Penis growth stops when a guy reaches 21 years old. Still, there are natural ways to increase its size and here are our 10 tips you can follow:


10. Warm the Genitals

Warm the Genitals

Before the penis exercises, you must warm up your genital first. This will allow efficient blood flow into your penis. It will also enhance the growth-boosting effect of the exercise. Do this by covering your penis with warm towel before working out.



9. Stretching

penis stretching

Start this by grabbing the penile head using both thumb and index finger. Stretch your penis onwards for 15 seconds. Then, shake it lightly to maintain the blood flow. Repeat the process and make it your daily penis workout.



8. Jelq Exercise

Jelq Exercise

Lubricate your genitals with baby oil or Vaseline. Then, grab its base with a “thumbs-up” grip once it’s lightly erected. Gently push your thumb to the head as if you are forcing the blood upwards. Do this at least 100 times daily.



7. PC Flex

PC Flex

Squeeze your penis within 5 seconds and then release it. Do this 50 times per routine and add more repetitions weekly. This will help you strengthen your PC muscles for more solid erections. This exercise shouldn’t be done daily to avoid stressing your penis.



6. Pumps


You should use penis pumps like Penomet and Bathmate for this exercise. You need to insert the penis head in the cylinder and let the tool vacuum your penis. This will decrease the pressure on your penis, allowing it to expand. Blood flow will also increase as your penis stretches.



5. Extenders

extender + how to get a bigger dick

Using extenders is another option on how to get a bigger dick. The principle is similar with stretching exercises. Extenders hold and stretch your penis for a certain period. This allows efficient blood flow without exerting physical effort.


4. Hangers

Hangers + penis enlargement

Aside from extenders, you can also use penis hangers to stretch your dick. Hangers serve as weights to add tension on your penis. Wear it for a certain period to increase blood flow and to stretch your penis. Don’t forget to pick comfortable hangers as well.



3. Kegels


Indirectly, kegel exercise enhances blood flow to your penis which helps in enlargement. Start by contracting your PC muscles and holding it for at least 10 seconds. Do this repeatedly to strengthen the muscles.



2. Bundle Dry Jelq

Bundle Dry Jelq

This exercise is a combination of dry jelq and bundled stretching. Start by twisting and stretching your penis followed by an overhand grip near its base. Push your grip towards the dick’s head and hold your penis stretched. Repeat the workout in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.



1. Lose the Pad

workouts + penis enlargement + men

You need to remove that extra skin above the pubic bone. Overweight men have smaller penis because the fatty flesh hides their dick. Do some workouts to remove that fat and give your penis more space for enlargement. You can grow up to 1 inch longer without the pubic bone’s fat.


Penis size is always a problem for men. Unfortunately, the most common solution for it is surgery or pills. These two have side effects in the long run.


Experts suggest that men should stick with natural methods. Workouts like stretching, jelq, and flex can add few inches to your penis. It takes times but they guarantee safe effects. You only need to do some repetitions daily. Prevent stressing your penis by allowing rest days.


Your Turn

Do you know other effective tips on how to get bigger dick naturally? Let us know your suggestions on the comment section below.

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