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Mr. RauRauR | July 24, 2024

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How to Make a Girl Cum Fast: 10 Secret Techniques To A Mind-Blowing Orgasm

How to Make a Girl Cum Fast: 10 Secret Techniques To A Mind-Blowing Orgasm

Women are like diesel engine because they start slow. If men rush them to the finish line, they’ll end up faking you like a pirated disc. That would be a disaster to both of you. So if you want to reach the peak together, here are 10 tips on how to make a girl cum fast:


Warm her up

She’s a slow starter so you’ve got to warm her up. Take her to a spinning class or enrol her in yoga sessions. You can even take her out to a comedy bar. If you make her do any of these ab exercises, it stimulates the pneumogastric nerve that runs through the pelvis. This subconscious foreplay warms her up long before the main event. Now she’s ready even before you’ve touched her.


Pay lip service

Kissing is the key to foreplay as it is to the whole thing. Kissing reduces the levels of the hormone cortisol and this makes her relaxed. When she’s relaxed, she’ll get so excited and turned on so quickly. She will feel immediate connection and build trust with you. Now that she’s opened up to you, it’s time for you to open her.


Neck and neck

A couple of kisses to the neck send shockwaves to her spine. It will transform her into an animal in no time. According to a survey done by author William Cane, 96 out of a hundred women said that a kiss to the neck is the perfect warm up. But Cane also says not to overdo this because it will make the neck less sensitive.


Bare essentials

As you are kissing her, take off her clothes piece by piece. Compliment her body for whatever wonderland it is. Appreciate each body part as it becomes bare naked. Tell her that she’s hot and say it to her loud. This will make her less conscious about her body and make her more confident about it. When a naked woman starts to feel confident about her body, she’ll come sooner.


Leave the lingerie on

Don’t take off all her clothing yet. Leave her underwear on- for now. Stroke her using the fabric of her underwear. Caress the skin with it but don’t go for the kill. The objective here is to create anticipation rather than go for outright stimulation. Let her anticipation build up so high that it will start to humidify her.


Lube her up

Even if her engine’s starting to crank up now, lube her up. This will make her more sensitive and excited. Use one that’s scented, like strawberry. Studies at the US Chemical Reception Sciences revealed that the smell of strawberry arouses the senses of women. Lube is also important to sustain her arousal and ensure she won’t go barren like a dessert.


Finger like piano

Play her like a piano with your fingers. Move them slowly and gently just inside her vagina. Target the outer thirds of the vaginal canal. It’s where the G spot and clitoris can be reached. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of her body. It is very responsive to touch. So if you play it like a piano, she’ll enjoy each second of the recital.


Tongue time

It’s time to use your secret weapon- the tongue. One of the best methods of oral sex is the Kivin method. This is done by raising her clitoral hood and licking her vagina from side to side in the area slightly above the clitoris. Put one finger of your other hand on her perineum. When you start to feel her earth tremble in contraction, it’s going to come as quick as a quake.


Time is of the essence

Now since you’re going for that world record speed, you’ve got to time her like a clock. So now that you’ve pretty much warmed up that diesel engine, it’s time to take it for a ride. The average climax of a woman is seven minutes after penetration, so timing is crucial here. Work the clock but avoid a shot clock violation. That would be a huge turnover.


Styles make fights

Just like in boxing, the quality of the fight depends on the style of the boxers. In sex, the doggy style position makes all the difference. If you push the front wall of the vagina, it causes stimulation to various body parts like the clitoris, prostate, urethra and vagina. This means when you teach her how to doggy, her body’s going to light up like fireworks.

Now that she’s ready for that dream photo finish, it’s time to make that girl cum to life.

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