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Mr. RauRauR | June 15, 2024

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How To Shave Your Balls: 10 Tips You Must Know

How To Shave Your Balls: 10 Tips You Must Know

Do you want to know how to shave your balls without accidentally cutting yourself?

The pubic area is more sensitive than the face. This means that aside from shaving carefully, you need to treat your balls after to prevent irritations. Here are 10 tips to help you groom your balls properly:



10. Trim First

shaving your balls

First timers should trim long hair prior to shaving. This will make the process easier for razor shaving. Use a beard or body hair trimmer to do this. If you have a shaky hand, then you better use a pair of scissors for trimming.



9. Keep It Wet

how do you shave your balls

Rule of thumb: moisturize or wet your sack first before shaving it. Dry balls can easily get cuts and nicks. Accidentally cutting your scrotum’s skin may lead to fungal infection known as Tinea Cruris. Shave under the shower or use a moisturizer when shaving.



8. Use Double Blade Razors

best way to shave your balls

Do not rely on cheap single-bladed razor in convenience stores. Use a razor with double blades at least. We recommend 5 blades for better results. You may use an electric razor in case you don’t have the guts for razor shaving.



7. Take a Bath

Take a Bath

Shaving in a bathtub is more comfortable than shaving in a shower. When sitting in a bathtub, your position will give you access to non-visible areas. This will help you shave your balls accurately with lesser chance of cutting the skin. Shaving in the bathtub is relaxing as well.



6. Tighten the Scrotum’s Skin

 how to shave your balls

Do this by splashing your balls with cold water. Using ice cubes can do the trick too. This will tighten your skin closer to your body, ridding the skin in the middle of your sack and shaft. Not doing this will give you a hard time when shaving your balls.



5. Test Your Balls’ Sensitivity

shaving balls

Most tips on how to shave your balls tell you not to use any pubic area hair removal creams. This is not true for everyone since your skin’s sensitivity is different from mine. Test it by applying the cream inside the elbow before using it on your pubic area. Another way to test it is by applying small amount first before taking it all in.



4. Ejaculate First

shaved balls

As a guy, your G-spot should be somewhere in your scrotum. Erected penis will make it difficult for you to shave and you might end up masturbating once you accidentally hit the spot. Masturbate first to prevent an erected penis while shaving your sack. It will also loosen your sack’s skin, allowing you to shave it easily.



3.  Don’t Shave an Area Repeatedly

hairy balls

Another rule of thumb is to avoid shaving one area repeatedly. Trust me; you should avoid over-shaving an area no matter how tempting it is. You won’t find nicks and cuts on your sack until you dry it after shaving. Let your razor pass through and reserve whatever is left for the next shaving schedule.



2. Avoid Sweating After Shaving

avoid sweating

Do not exercise and avoid any activities that will make you sweat. Sweating will irritate your skin when it’s newly shaved. Keep your balls comfortable and keep your pubic area cool. This will prevent itchiness and irritations after shaving.



1. Use Baby Powder

 How To Shave Your Balls

Use powder after you shave your balls. This will prevent friction which can cause irritation to your naked sack. Don’t use scented powder because they contain ingredients that can irritate your pubic area. Stick with regular baby powder for more comfort.


Compared to the facial skin, your pubic area is more sensitive than a woman’s face. First timers will experience itchiness the following days after shaving. Your scrotum is not yet used to shaving so expect it to be itchy as the hair grows back. Regular shaving will help your balls to get used to it.


Shaving is now a trend for guys who are sexually active. However, this doesn’t mean that women love naked balls. Some women find it a turn off so know your partner first before jumping into shaving.


Once done properly, women will surely not hesitate on giving you “the blow”. They hate to have pubic hair in their mouth. Shaved balls are like telling them that you care about their pleasure too.


Your Turn

Did we forget something that you know? Post it under the comments section and help us teach fellow comrades on how to shave your balls perfectly.

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