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Mr. RauRauR | June 19, 2024

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Top 10 Effective Ways To Stop Masturbation Addiction

Top 10 Effective Ways To Stop Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation has been part of people’s sexual lives for thousands of years now. Though there are no evidences that show masturbation is harmful to the body, excessive masturbation can be a real problem not just physically but also spiritually. Here are the top ten effective ways to help you fight masturbation addiction:


10. Eat healthy foods and be active

how to stop an addiction

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will make you stronger and more active. This will help you combat masturbation addiction in a way that you will feel less bored and more active every day. You will have enough energy to do physical activities like simple household chores. This will keep you away from boredom, thus the urge to fantasize sexual thoughts and masturbate will be lessened.


9. Be creative

how to stop addiction

An effective way to avoid sexual urges is through sublimation. This is the process of converting those sexual urges into creative outputs. Try doing something productive like learning how to play musical instruments, writing short stories and poems, or joining dance classes. Being creative all the time can stop your masturbation addiction.


8. Remove temptations

porn blocker

Thanks to the internet, access to pornographic materials is now easier than ever. Removing all temptations that can urge you to masturbate is also an effective way to stop masturbation addiction. You can start by deleting your pornographic files and adding porn blockers in your web browsers.


7. Socialize

addiction treatment + socialize

Loneliness can result to masturbation addiction. Don’t isolate yourself from other people because it will just lead to masturbation. Interact with other people around you. For example, if you love watching sports events on your own, you can try doing it in a sports bar for a change.


6. Get involved in physical sports

physical sports

Develop interest in sports like basketball, soccer and tennis. Remember that it takes discipline and persistence in order to excel in sports. By using your energy all day long in the field, you will not have the spare energy to masturbate once you go home. Being active in sports does not just help you control your masturbation addiction but it can also make you physically fit. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone.


5. Refocus your brain

reading book + masturbation addiction

Another effective way to stop masturbation addiction is by finding new things to do. You can start by looking for a new hobby or cultivating a new skill. Instead of using your time in gratifying yourself, you can use it effectively by learning how to cook, bake or crochet.


4. Learn how to be patient and persistent

reward system + masturbation addiction

Stopping masturbation addiction is not an easy thing to do. It cannot be accomplished overnight. You have to be patient and persistent because this process really requires commitment from yourself. You might struggle at first and make some mistakes. One way to become patient and persistent is through a reward system. Try bribing yourself with simple delights every time you succeed in not masturbating.



3. Talk to other people

talk to other people + masturbation addiction

If you feel that you cannot control your masturbation addiction, then open up with other people. Tell your close friends about your problem and ask for some advice. Keep in mind that asking for help is a brave thing to do and you are not the only one who has addiction problems in the world.


2. Speak with a professional

speak with a professional + masturbation addiction

There are medical professionals out there that can help you with your masturbation addiction. These include psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors who have wide experience in helping people with various addictions. They can provide you with treatment options like medication and cognitive-behavior therapy.


1. Consult a religious leader

Top 10 Effective Ways To Stop Masturbation Addiction

If you are not comfortable talking with your friends or medical professionals about your masturbation addiction, you can ask for spiritual guidance from your religious leader. If you are a member of a certain church, you can ask your local clergy for some help. Remember that these people are dedicated in helping their congregations. They are also bound by strict confidentiality therefore your little secret is safe.


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