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Mr. RauRauR | June 3, 2024

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Low Testosterone in Men: 10 Natural Treatments You Should Know

Low Testosterone in Men:  10 Natural Treatments You Should Know

According to several studies conducted on men’s health, testosterone plays a vital role in the life of a man. This hormone defines what a real man is and responsible for the male secondary sex characteristics. Thus, maintaining balance is really important.

Knowing these ten natural treatments for low testosterone can greatly help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle:


10. Watch your weight

Watch your weight + how to increase testosterone

Maintaining a perfect body weight that matches your age is the first thing to do in order to keep your testosterone level at goal. Eating nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes can keep you away from gaining unnecessary weight. Obesity has been proven to be one of the major causes of low testosterone level in men. As much as possible, avoid eating fast foods and processed products which have high levels of fats, salt and sugar.



9. Boost your Vitamin D3

Boost your Vitamin D3 + low testosterone in men

Recent studies on the benefits of Vitamin D3 confirmed that this nutrient can boost testosterone level. Moreover, it can also fight depression, fatigue and muscle loss. A very simple way to boost the level of Vitamin D3 among young men is through sunlight exposure without sun block. Older men, on the other hand, are advised to consult their doctors first to know the right Vitamin D3 dosage they ought to receive



8. Avoid stress

Avoid stress + how to increase testosterone levels

Chronic stress has been reported to cause harmful effects to the body. It can also lead to low testosterone level among men. There are several factors that can cause chronic stress which range from poor diet, financial problems, emotional instability and job insecurity. Coping up with stress is really important not just for keeping your testosterone level high but also in creating a healthy lifestyle.



7. Don’t drink alcohols and liquors

Don’t drink alcohols and liquors + low testosterone treatment

Recent studies conducted on alcoholic beverages suggest that alcohol consumption can result to low testosterone level. This can greatly affect the sexual health of men and can lead to erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. Alcohol metabolism affects the production of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) ratio. This enzyme is responsible in testosterone production in men.



6. Keep your testicles away from injuries

Keep your testicles away from injuries

The testes are the major players in terms of testosterone production in which any damage, injury or infection can cause low testosterone level. Aside from this, the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland are also important body parts of men and should also be protected.



5. Balance your hormones

Balance your hormones

The human body is composed of more than a hundred hormones that need to be balanced in order to avoid abnormalities. According to a recent study, taking supplements to address low testosterone level is not enough because it can add to the hormonal imbalance that you already have. Taking testosterone supplements without acknowledging the need of other hormones in the body can send a signal to the testes that they don’t have to function anymore. This can result to shrunken testes and low testosterone production.



4. Get more zinc

Get more zinc

Another important mineral that can boost low testosterone level is zinc. According to dietitians, eating red meats and dairy products is the most natural way to get zinc. You can also take supplements and multivitamins as an alternative way of getting more zinc.



3. Exercise


There are also scientific researches that suggest that some physical exercises can be used in addressing low testosterone level in men. One physical activity mentioned in these researches is exercise with weights. Strength training and weight lifting can increase low testosterone level through regular workout.



2. Have a healthy sex life

healthy sex life

Regular sex with your partner can stimulate the natural production of testosterone in your body. The release of semen increases the level of prolactin and decreases the level of dopamine. These two agents are involved with testosterone in the body and keeping them balance can result in strong testosterone production.



1. Be active in sports

sports + men

Participating in any sporting events and winning in the competition can raise the level of testosterone in male. A study conducted during the World Cup match between Brazil and Italy revealed that the winning athletes had their testosterone levels increased while the other losing athletes’ testosterone levels fell. This is also applicable to the fans of these sporting events.


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