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Mr. RauRauR | July 21, 2024

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10 Women-Approved Secrets On How To Handle Her Breasts

10 Women-Approved Secrets On How To Handle Her Breasts

A woman’s breasts are a sight men love to behold. But do you really know what to do with them when she undresses in front of you? These are 10 secrets that will make women adore you for working their boobs in bed:


1. Leave bra on

woman's breast with bra

While undressing her, leave her bra on. And while men are excited to see what’s beneath, women get aroused when you rub their breasts with the material of the bra. This gives them a playful and different kind of stimulation.

The key here is making her feel a new kind of sensation that is different from skin to skin contact.  Leaving that tiny piece of covering on also gives her the opportunity to disrobe herself. When she does that, it’s the same as waving the white flag.


2. From the back

touching breast from behind

The breasts are easier cupped when you are standing behind her. It is also easier to massage them when you are at standing her back. Although men would always prefer the frontal view, she’ll actually feel more pleasure getting caressed from behind because she can’t see what you’re doing while giving the massage.


3. Gentle Strokes

Caressing the breasts

Caressing the breasts creates more intimacy during lovemaking. Rather than grabbing boobs roughly the way they do in porn, give them some tender loving touch. Do this for a few minutes, and this will be like giving her a gentle massage as foreplay.


4. Teasing

tease her boobs

The art of arousing women is a mental game. Teasing creates anticipation.  The feeling of being “barely there” makes it more exciting. The nipples have microscopic hair around them, so when they are touched lightly they generate an electric sensation that feels amazing to women.

If you want to use props, you can use a feather or a cube of ice to gently touch the breasts and give her the ultimate sensation.


5. Tongue and Lips

sucking her boobs

Men love doing oral action on boobs. Women who enjoy getting their boobs touched won’t protest to this either.

Kissing and sucking boobs feel amazing, but be sure not to apply too much pressure when you do this as it can be painful. Remember, boobs are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body.


6. Hot shower

shower + how to touch her breasts

Touching her breasts in the shower feels much better than touching them in bed. A hot shower will cause a temperature rise on her body. Hot water also makes the breasts more reactive to touch.  Foaming them up with soap will add more temperature while fondling.


7. Get rough

rough sex + touching her breasts

Since it’s always good to have a little bit of everything, incorporating a little roughness turns women on. Just make sure that you aren’t rough from beginning to end as she might mistake you for an overeager first timer.

You can start off with gentle touching then gradually increase your aggressiveness. Pay attention on how she reacts. If she likes it, then do it.


8. Motorboating


Brrrr……..That is the sound of a motorboat. That’s also the sound men must make while pushing their faces in between a woman’s breasts while rocking his head from side to side.

Motorboating can be a humorous way of getting in the mood. Men are more pleasured by this than women. But the unique vibration of this act makes it exciting. It somehow awakens something in her that gets her horny.


9. Nipplegasm


A woman can reach climax via the nipples. Oxytocin is released when the nipples are stimulated. This stimulation causes the same vaginal and uterine contractions that trigger orgasm. So a delicate nipple play goes a long way.


10. Breasts aren’t just the nipples

women's breasts

Normally, men are drawn to the nipples once they see boobs. Why wouldn’t they be? The nipples are positioned like the bull’s-eye in a darts board. But remember that the nipple is only a part of an entire boob. She would appreciate it more if you would recognize the other parts of the breast. These other parts are just as responsive to touch.

Large breasts are less sensitive than small breasts, so exploring the entire region helps you locate the sweet spot.

Now that you know, what will happen next is totally up to you. The fate of your world lies in your hands and in your mouth.

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