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Mr. RauRauR | June 9, 2024

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10 Surprising Reasons Why Men Drool Over Curvy Women (Hint: It’s Science!)

10 Surprising Reasons Why Men Drool Over Curvy Women (Hint: It’s Science!)

Women like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Tyra Banks, Beyonce and Scarlett Johannsen own history’s finest curves. These are the women of then and now that men adore like Greek goddesses. But do you know the reason why men worship them? Here are 10 answers:


Like drugs

men experience a certain kind of high when they were shown photographs of curvy women

In a study conducted at the University of Texas at Austin and Georgia Gwinnet College, it was discovered that men experience a certain kind of high when they were shown photographs of curvy women. This conclusion came about after an MRI scan done on the brains of the male subjects.

The results revealed that there was significant brain activity on a part that is also activated when they take pleasurable drugs. So curves, like drugs, give men that heavenly high.



hourglass figure woman

Comparative studies done by anthropologists have shown that men prefer women with a low waist-hip ratio. This ratio is best expressed as the 36-24-36 figure that we’ve long deemed as perfect. The study concluded that that the so-called hourglass-frame is the universally preferred body type of men worldwide.


Smart babies

beauty and brains

One research at the University of California at Santa Barbara focused on the relationship between curvy women and smart babies. The study divulged that women with a thicker butt and thighs have more Omega 3 fatty acid DHA which helps in the proper development of a child’s brain. So if curves make better brains, then it’s a no brainer why men love sexy chicks.


Health is wealth

scientific reasons why men love curvy women

Men are health conscious and they take it seriously.  Anthropologists suggest that men relate curves with health. A sexy woman is young, healthy and has a very active reproductive system. These traits are ideal for any child bearer.

On the other hand, women who are beyond their wonder years lose their curves due to childbirth. So when they transform from being fab to flab, men lose interest in them.


Locked on boobs

reasons why men love curvy women

A woman’s breasts are always magnets for men, especially if they are very prominent. Scientists theorize that the reason behind this dates back to the time of the apes. Before they evolved to man, these apes used large breasts as indicators that their females were ready to mate. So they always locked their eyes on the frontals. The next time you stare at that C-cup, remember that you learned it from the monkey.


Fashion and Sports

gorgeous curves

Another anthropologist concluded that sporty and athletic men prefer curvy babes. Those men who preferred the thinner women with small breasts were those who favored fashion and the finances. This could be the reason why we don’t see many voluptuous women doing the fashion shows. On the other side, we know now why Melo fell for Lala-land.


Paris? Not hot

paris hilton

A study in the University of St. Andrews in the UK showed that men prefer normally sized and curvy ladies over the fashionably slim size 0 body. The subjects rated the curvy women as attractive and healthy. No wonder why Scarlett Johannsen is always ahead of Paris Hilton in the list of the world’s sexiest women.


Casual relationships

dating curvy women

A study in the University of Texas also says that men find curvy women attractive and that they prefer them for casual relationships. Casual relationships do lead to real and lasting relationships, but not all the time.


Stress Buster

curvy women relieve stress among men

When men are stressed and insecure, they find full bodied and curvy girls to be the most attractive. This is what doctors at the University of Westminster and University of New Castle found out during their research. They added that curves are related to power, strength and independence. Hence men who are stressed and depressed turn to them.


The blind can see

curvy woman

The researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands came up with a unique experiment on curvy women: Their subjects were men who were blind since birth. These blind men were made to feel mannequins that had different waist-hip ratio. Unbelievably, majority of the blind men chose those the mannequins with low waist-hip ratio. So if white men can jump, blind men can see.

When Hugh Heffner envisioned Playboy, his premise was that sexy women will sell more magazines than anyone else. Not many believed him back then. But everyone else does right now-including science.

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