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Mr. RauRauR | June 23, 2024

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Get Ripped Like Terry Crews! 10 Workout Tips From ‘The Expendables’ Star

Get Ripped Like Terry Crews! 10 Workout Tips From ‘The Expendables’ Star

Terry Crews workout is one of the extreme, but effective, body building routines in Hollywood today. It is a set of workout schedules, diet, supplements, and tips to help you get near the ripped body of Terry Crews.

Here are some of the best fitness tips straight from “The Expendables” star:



10. Grow Your Arms & Shoulders

fitness programs

Focus on building your shoulders and arms. Perform 3 sets (6 reps each) of upright row, clean and jerk, barbell jump squat, and Romanian deadlift. Then do 3 sets (10 reps each) of Arnold press, incline reverse fly, lateral raise, alternating dumbbell front raise, cable shoulder external rotation, and hammer curl. Lastly, go for 30-minute treadmill jogging and max reps of crunch and front leg raise stretch.



9. Put Your Back to Work

terry crews workout + pull up

Go for 4 sets (10 reps each) of deadlift, seated V-bar cable row, Smith machine bent-over row, and reverse-grip bent-over row. Next is 15 reps of side-to-side pull-up and wide-grip rear pull-up. Then 3 sets (10 reps each) of pull-up and a 30-minute treadmill jogging. Use the 10,8,6,4 weight set for deadlift, pull-up, and machine bent.



8. Don’t Forget the Cardio

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Spend 45 minutes for treadmill jogging to work on your cardio. The least speed you should go for is half of your maximum speed. There’s no pauses here for rest so keep a steady pace for the entire 45-minute run.



7. Build Your Triceps and Legs

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Terry Crews prefer to build his lower body by doing 4 sets (10 reps each) of leg press, squat, barbell hack squat, seated machine calf raise, leg extension, and close-grip bench press. Followed by 30 minutes of treadmill session and maximum reps of front leg raise stretch and crunch. Only spend 30 seconds of rest each time you finish a set.



6. Commit with the Workout

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Our idol spends at least 2 hours for workout, 40 miles for running, and 4 days in a week for lifting. You need to commit yourself with his workout routine if you want to keep up. Plan a week before and include your meal plans, exercises, running routes, and time schedule so that you won’t miss a day of workout.



5. Start Small

terry crews

You don’t need to go straight to the gym and kill yourself. Terry Crews workout is a one-step-at-a-time routine so begin by running half a mile or with a 20-minute workout habit. Slowly increase your target sets and miles as you do the exercises above.



4. Review Your Diet

terry crews diet

Terry Crews has been keeping a food diary for the past few years. He then removes anything that he finds bad for his workout routine. List down what you eat and separate the good from the bad. Stick with veggies, lean meat, and grilled dishes (Terry Crews eat desserts too!).



3. Don’t Be Lazy

terry crews exercise

Terry hates lazy men because you will never grow if you don’t exercise. Plan a good workout plan and do it. Be consistent with the plan and don’t miss any workout schedule. If you need to run 2 miles today, then do it without excuses.



2. Eat Well with Proper Supplements

creatine supplement

You don’t have to restrict your diet and skip meals to maintain a leaner physique. You must eat well because growing and recovering muscles need more nutrients. But, stay with a healthy diet with proper supplements. Consider whey protein, creatine, and BCAA supplements.



1. Avoid Injuries

terry crews + weightlifting

Learn the proper form of weightlifting to prevent muscle strains and injuries. Grip the bars properly and don’t forget to synch your breathing with the workout. Injuries will slow down your workout routine so don’t go beyond your limit. Start with max reps until you get to 4 sets of Terry’s workout.


Experts find Terry’s exercises as a rigid routine so you need to be careful. However, it surely gives you the bulky muscles and hunky shoulders that every man wants to have.

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