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Mr. RauRauR | June 17, 2024

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10 Cool Things Guys Should Post on Facebook

10 Cool Things Guys Should Post on Facebook

Do you want to attract more likes, followers and girls? Learn these ten cool things to post on Facebook. Because sending a friend request to someone you don’t know is awkward, these tips will help you keep them coming in.


10. Leave humorous posts.

humorous quotes

Show the lighter side of you by posting humorous quotes. This is one of the cool things to post on Facebook. Some funny posts can trigger a discussion and increase likes. However, be sensitive about leaving funny posts with reference to age, gender, religion and politics. Keep them original and not just taken from somewhere else.


9. Create insightful posts.

facebook group discussions

Engage and be noticed. Groups can be found on Facebook focusing on virtually any interests and causes. Join a group where you can most likely find a potential date. Participate in discussions and leave some insightful comments. Through this you will be able to get attention and even start a conversation.


8. Ask short questions.

catchy questions

The best way to get more likes and followers is by posting catchy questions. Make them short as possible since a lot of Facebook users are mobile nowadays. The goal here is simple, to get people to comment and leave their marks on the post.


7. Create a status on some quirky things.

quirky Facebook status

Avoid posting dull things. Updating your status with your every movement or the usual stuff you do is not interesting on Facebook. Focus on something unusual to entice people and arouse their curiosity. Letting them know about your daily activities is definitely not cool and fascinating.


6. Post your achievements.

things to post on facebook

This is one of the things to post on Facebook to get someone’s attention. Certainly girls will get curious about you and will send friend requests to know you more. Post about your latest promotion or about a scholarship grant to study overseas and you will surely get noticed. However, limit this to the most relevant achievements only and preface them into something humorous and self-deprecating.


5. Compliment your friends.

things to post on facebook

Focusing beyond yourself and recognizing others for the good work they have done is one of the coolest things you can post. Asking other people about what they have been up to is a manifestation of genuine concern. Leave your compliments and people will see you as someone worth cultivating a relationship with.


4. Post friendly photos that really mean to you.

Facebook photos

There is nothing cooler than posting photos that are special and relevant to you like your parents’ anniversary or your family’s vacation trip. Update your photo albums regularly but not frequently as they might think you are wired to Facebook. Moreover, they will look annoying and you might lose connections as a result. Keep everything real and simple.


3. Make short and interesting surveys or quizzes.  

surveys or quizzes

This creates more engagement in your Facebook wall where people can freely participate. Make quizzes on unique and funny topics just for entertainment. Post surveys on things people would love to do if they have the chance. Through this, you will know their desires and wishes and you can use this to genuinely connect with them.


2. Post fill-in the blank questions.

fill-in the blank questions

This is another effective post where you can get more likes and followers. Ask something that will make them think and answer with enthusiasm. Always reply and ‘like’ their comments to show that you appreciate their time responding to your questions.


1. Post inspirational images.

Facebook feel-good quotes

Images with inspiring captions are cool things to post on Facebook. Show your tender side and bright attitude by sharing some memorable and feel-good quotes about life in general. Although this may sound ordinary but people love to see heart-warming photos.

You see? These are some of the cool things to post on Facebook that can make you look attractive and help you gain more friends.


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