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Mr. RauRauR | June 23, 2024

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Top 10 Killer Back Exercises For Building Muscles

Top 10 Killer Back Exercises For Building Muscles

Back muscles maintain joints whenever you move your arms in different directions. You can train your back muscles such as trapezius and rhomboid to get more strength and body mass. Here are some of the best back exercises to help you in becoming manlier, hotter, bigger, sexier, and stronger than before:


10. Barbell Row

Barbell Row

Hold the barbell with your palms under the bar and then slightly bend your knees and waist to bring the torso forward. Pull your elbows to body sides while keeping your back inclined but straight. Hold the position for few seconds when the back muscles are squeezed. Lower the barbell back to your starting position and repeat the process.



9. Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row

Do the starting position of barbell row with dumbbells on each hand and palms facing each other. Pull your elbows up and bring the dumbbells closer to your chest. Make sure that you maintain your back inclined and straight while keeping your head up. Hold the dumbbells to your chest to squeeze your middle back muscles and then repeat the process.



8. One-Armed Row

One-Armed Row

With dumbbells on each side, straighten your body by putting your right leg on the bench and pushing your torso forward while placing your right hand on the other end. Pick the dumbbell with the left hand and pull it to the side of your chest. Drop it back without reaching the floor and keep your body straight. Repeat the workout and do it with the right hand to develop your middle back muscles.



7. Cable Rear Delt

Cable Rear Delt

Sit on one end of the bench with legs together while holding both dumbbells behind the calves. Lean forward and keep your back straight. Lift the dumbbells to your sides until arms fully extend. Repeat the process with 1 second hold when arms are fully stretched.



6. Lat Pulldown

Lat Pulldown

While sitting down on the pull-down machine, grab the bar with arms wide opened and fully extended. Bring your torso backwards for about 30° while holding the bar. Hold the contraction for few seconds before extending your arms again. Do some repetitions to enhance your upper back muscles.


5. Pull-ups


One of the best back exercises commonly used is pull-ups. Start by holding the pull-up bars with arms fully extended. Pull your body upwards until your chest reaches the bar. Hold the position and repeat the process after bringing your body downwards.


4. Chin-ups


Extend your arms fully by grabbing the pull-up bar with palms facing the torso. Pull your body upwards until your chin reaches the top of the bar. Keep your elbow close to your chest sides and let the contraction squeeze your back for few seconds. Slowly push your body downwards and repeat the workout.


3. Deadlifts


Start by bending your knees and grab a loaded barbell while keeping your back straight up. Hold the barbell just below your waist and maintain the position for few seconds. Slowly bend your knees and place the barbell back on the floor. Do several repetitions to improve your lower back muscles.


2. Straight Arm Pulldowns

Straight Arm Pulldowns

Begin by grabbing a shoulder-width bar with a palms-down grip. Bend the torso forward by the waist at 30° and fully stretch your arms. Then, pull your arms down to your thighs to contract your lats. Return your arms upward and repeat the process.



1. Reverse Flyes

Reverse Flyes

Begin this workout by lying down on an inclined bench with your stomach and chest facing the bench. Hold a dumbbell on each hand and fully extend them in front of you with elbows slightly bended. Slowly pull the dumbbells upward by extending your arms on both sides. Do more repetitions to increase the strength and size of your shoulders.


Body building is not complete without developing your back muscles. The body’s overall strength also relies on your back so make sure that your back can give support to your overall mass.


The best back exercises listed above will help you enhance your back’s strength and mass. Do 10 – 20 repetitions every workout day and increase your number as weeks pass by. If you have questions or in need of help, please let us know through the comments section below.

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