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Mr. RauRauR | April 19, 2024

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Top 10 Styles to Help Me Decide What Haircut Should I Get?

Top 10 Styles to Help Me Decide What Haircut Should I Get?

Most men are not really particular about their hairstyles and don’t really follow the latest trend. Men usually choose the haircut in which they feel most comfortable with without even asking themselves, “what haircut should I get?” But do you know that choosing the proper haircut is important? It can make you look more presentable in public and even more attractive. Looking attractive to girls is after all really important for men. The haircut that you should choose should complement the shape of your face, the profession you have, and the personality you have.

The only reason why men tend to wear the same hairstyle for a long time is that most men don’t know that there are many types of hairstyles that they can choose from. There are actually a lot of hairstyles that are available for men. Having the right haircut can even boost their confidence and personality. You can start choosing the prefect style for you by consulting an expert before going to the barber shop. Choose the hairstyle that will best suit your personality and lifestyle. To help you get started and get an idea for the best cut that you can have, here is a list of styles on what haircut to get.

10. Faux Hawk10 Faux Hawk

This cut resembles a Mohawk but the sides are not shaved. This haircut it styled into one point at the center. This style is versatile, you can wear it as it is or you can style it for you to have an even more conservative look. This type of hairstyle can even be altered if you want to have a corporate look.

9. Bowl Cut9 Bowl Cut

This was a style that was common during the depression in the 30’s because it is an easy haircut and it can be done at home. It got its name because in those days they just simply place a bowl on top of the head and all the hair under it was removed. These days it is now what stylists call the “undercut”. This hairstyle is mostly popular among young teens and children.

8. Classic Taper8 Classic Taper

This is one on the most traditional men’s haircut. The hair is only left long enough for the wearer to comb to the top and then let it gradually taper down around the ears and neck. This hairstyle is also commonly referred as a shorter version of the business man’s cut or the graduation. This is a haircut that men can wear no matter what kind of lifestyle he has.

7. Blocked Nape7 Blocked Nape

This style creates a visible line at the nape by using clippers; a process called blocking. This haircut got its name from the process in the way it is cut. Although it is the most common finishing on the neck it is not always the most desirable. It has disadvantages such as it doesn’t allow the hair to grow neatly. It sometimes makes a thick neck appear wider.

6. Bangs6 Bangs

This is one of the most common haircuts that teenagers wear nowadays. The bangs is the section of hair that is grown to allow and fall over the forehead. There are many ways of carrying this haircut. It can be let loose in front covering the forehead, it can brushed on the sides, or brushed back to give it a more formal look.

5. Shaved5 Shaved

The number five in our list is the shaved style. Most men in their late 20’s or 30’s prefer to have the shaved look. It is because it requires low maintenance and keeps the head cool or because they are already balding. They would rather shave it all off than having hair only on the side of their heads.

4. Short & Curly4 Short & Curly

This is actually one of the most growing trends on men today for men who have curly hair. We all know that having curly hair is hard to maintain especially when it gets too long and unruly. By cutting the hair most of the time it and keeping it short and curly could help make its maintenance easier. You can also style it if you want to have a more conservative look.

3. French Crop3 French Crop

This is a classy and neat hairstyle that you can have for whatever lifestyle that you might have. You can style it to have a more formal hairstyle especially on those important occasions. This hairstyle is done cutting the hair short on the side and back, then the top is left a little longer. If you want to have a casual look, you’ll just have to comb it neatly back and just let it loose and just let the hair fall on front. You can just use your hands to push it back when it falls on your forehead. This style is suitable for high school or college students who could go and have a formal or laid back hairstyle anytime.

2. Spikes2 Spikes

This style is formed by making the long hairs stand by using a hair gel. Even if you have long or short hair it can be styled to spikes. If you prefer to have a short haircut, the hair at your side and at the back of your head must be shaved and only strips of hair is left in the middle. Then that strip is spiked with the help of a hair gel. If you have longer hair, use the hair gel to form a crown on your head.

1. Crew Cut1 Crew Cut

This haircut that is popularized by the boys in the military is the number one in our list. This hair style is best for students, men who are into sports, and young boys. It requires very little maintenance and you don’t have to visit the barber shop for a longer time than usual. Crew cut is done by cutting the hair just above the ears and it forms a semicircle around the head. This is a very short haircut and you can wear it, whatever lifestyle you might have, and still look good in a suit or sportswear.


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