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Mr. RauRauR | June 2, 2024

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Top 10 Tips in Preparing for Sex in the kitchen

Top 10 Tips in Preparing for Sex in the kitchen

If you are a bachelor and hoping to get lucky soon, you’d better consider a number of things. Having sex in the kitchen is one of them spontaneous fortuitous events that could be in your near future. And yes, it’s not something you schedule, even if you are already married or living with a partner. Sometimes, when sexual energy just need to be let out, it just happens, and the kitchen just happens to be the place. Here are few tips to prepare you for kitchen sex.

10. Make sure the stove is not red hot

10 Make sure the stove is not red hot

Since the stove is a likely place for sex to happen, especially if you are a tall guy, make sure first that you didn’t just use it to cook dinner for your partner. You don’t want to end up burning her buns or burning your hands, do you?

9. Clear the table

9 Clear the table

Kitchen sex happens on the table more often than not. If you find it necessary to do it lying down, would you make like a character in a movie and sweep plates, glasses, and cutlery to the floor? Or maybe you and your partner will just pull the tablecloth over the whole shebang and carry it down to the floor? There’s really no time (or thought) for that when the urge comes. So to be sure, keep a tidy kitchen. Don’t leave dinner things before going out so that when you do get lucky and come back with someone you’re attracted to for a night cap, the kitchen is ready. If you end up doing it on the edge of the table, you really don’t need to clear the whole thing, but you have to make sure your kitchen table is sturdy enough to take the extra weight and the vigorous activity.

8. Clean the kitchen floor regularly

8 Clean the kitchen floor regularly

Most probably, there will be no time to grab a mattress and pillows and maybe some blankets. You might as well troop to the bedroom and have sex on a proper bed. And kitchen towels will hardly make a difference when laid on your kitchen floor. So, just to keep the act as hygienic as possible, keep a tidy kitchen. And make sure you thoroughly clean the floor.

7. At the outset, install a heavy duty counter-top

7 At the outset, install a heavy duty counter-top

For some reason, before a couple even thinks of having sex on the kitchen floor, they get to the counter first. There’s really only one possible way to prepare for this. Install a very sturdy counter with a high quality countertop. After that, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

6. Work Out

6 Work OutBy working out, we mean that you ought to be physically fit and ready to carry and push and do every single thing required of you. What would your partner think of your arms or legs give out in the middle of it all?

5. Acclimatize to colder climes5 Acclimatize to colder climes

Just in case you have a walk-in freezer (maybe at work?) you would need to have high tolerance to cold temperatures. Well, that’s for both of you. This is not a very common scenario, but it just might be there on your list of alternative kitchen sex scenarios.

4. Freshen up with a movie marathon

4 Freshen up with a movie marathon

There is probably 1 in every 20 Hollywood movie made in the past 30 years with a kitchen sex scene. If you add the more television series that went in the air for the past 20 years, your list of references could increase exponentially. Consider it only if you are running out of options.

3. Help with the washing

3 Help with the washing

If somehow you really want to do it in the kitchen, you’d better devise to be in the kitchen. You can romance your way through the shared chore of washing the dishes. Many sensual and pleasurable things have come out of helping out with house chores.

2. Be ready to go all the way

2 Be ready to go all the way

Aside from preparing your kitchen for a possible kinky encounter, you’d better be prepared yourself. If you want to thoroughly enjoy a kitchen sex experience, then open your mind and throw away the conventions of sex out the back door. Only then can you fully engage in the act and share in a truly pleasurable experience.

1. The kitchen is a good enough place to start

1 The kitchen is a good enough place to startIf you still prefer to enjoy the pleasures of sex in bed, then you can always start you foreplay anywhere in the kitchen. That usually works for everyone.

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