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Mr. RauRauR | May 22, 2024

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The Art of Sexual Attraction: 10 Ways to Become the Ultimate Chick Magnet

The Art of Sexual Attraction: 10 Ways to Become the Ultimate Chick Magnet

Every man desires to be the object of women’s attraction. But there are just some men who are better at attracting women than others. Being attractive is not inborn, it is learned. Learn to be a top draw with these easy steps:


1. Body Language

Body Language + sexual attraction

Nonverbal communication is just as important as the actual conversation. It reveals who you are and what your intentions are.

Relaxing your shoulders and having a relaxed posture means you are comfortable and enjoying her company. On the other hand, gestures like hunched shoulders or fidgeting mean you are tensed or you are not interested.


2. Confidence


Confidence means that one is sure of himself and what he has. Do not boast of your high-paying job or your brand new car. Although women are attracted to men with success and wealth, it would be different if she’ll find out about these during a conversation.

Remember, women recognize that men who brag are usually those with low self-confidence.


3. Fit is “It”

fit and healthy man

Women love healthy guys. No, you don’t have to be necessarily a gym buff with these huge muscles. In fact, you just have to include topics related to good health during your conversations. For example, tell her an interesting story that happened during the last time you went jogging or where you went the last time you went biking.


4. Be enigmatic

be enigmatic + ways to become the ultimate chick magnet

If a woman is intrigued, she is attracted to you. Don’t talk too much about yourself. Let your answers be those that lead to further questions so the conversation can flow. Allow her to think and find out the rest about you. Being mysterious is a factor in sexual attraction.


5. Don’t interrogate

dating tips for men

Interview questions lead to boring dates. They are also closed-ended questions that do not reveal much about you or her. It’s just like asking her about her resume.

Instead of asking “what do you do for a living?”, you might want to go “You must be a doctor.” Be like a fortune teller or a psychic. Make her reveal herself to you unconsciously by asking definitive questions. This will keep her interested.


6. Eye Contact

eye contact

Focus on the conversation by looking her in the eye. Even if she is that beautiful, staring at her body makes you a creep.

Women love getting your undivided attention especially while they are talking. When you look in her eyes, it means that you want to know more about her.


7. Humor

sense of humor

Men with a good sense of humor are attractive to women. A good sense of humor reflects positive vibrations. Women tend to associate these positive emotions with being a good boyfriend, husband or father of the family.

The ability to make people laugh is linked with wit and intelligence. In sexual attraction, remember this important law: Men can laugh women into bed.


8. Well-Groomed

First impressions last. The first thing that chicks notice about you would be your looks. Being well-groomed does not mean being clean shaven and looking like a school boy going to his first day in school. It is being able to manage your physical looks.

Being well groomed is not only looking good, it is also about smelling good. Combining fragrance to your killer looks will make you a certified babe magnet.


9. Chivalry


It’s not true that chivalry died with King Arthur. Women are attracted to a knight in shining armor. Being a modern day knight means opening the car door for her or helping her while she’s putting on her coat.

Being the perfect gentleman speaks a lot about your character. It shows respect and courtesy. Women love fairy tales, and usually it is the knight who ends up with the princess.


10. No smoking

No smoking

Smoking does not only give your breath odor, it is also hazardous to her health. Remember that she becomes a second-hand smoker when you smoke. Smoking may be machismo and being tough, but the times have changed and women are attracted to health.

Women are not attracted to health problems. Remember also that a great kiss starts with a fresh breath.


That’s It!

So you’re ready to become the next mecca of women. Now, all you’re worried about is how to let them all fall in line in front of you. Just relax, that’s not really a problem at all.

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