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Mr. RauRauR | June 15, 2024

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Top 10 2-Person Drinking Games To Heat Up The Party

Top 10 2-Person Drinking Games To Heat Up The Party

Games and drinking are recipes for a very messy and wild party, but hey, isn’t that what everyone wants?

That in mind, make any party all the more memorable with any of these 2 person drinking games below!


10. Buzz


This game could be the most entertaining of all the 2 person drinking games in this list, with you and your friend using ONLY your counting skills to avoid getting drunk.

To play a game of buzz, all you have to do is.

  • Count back and forth until you reach seven, replacing it with the word “buzz”.
  • For every multiple of seven, you say “buzz” instead of the number and each mistake costs that person a drink.
  • To make things a bit more exciting, change the multiple as time goes by or every time anyone makes a mistake.


9. War


This one is a classic kid’s card game and most of you probably remember how to play it.

If not, well, let us guide you on how to play a classic game of car with an adult twist.

  • Divide a deck of cards evenly between two players.
  • Both players must draw a card at the same time and the one that draws the lower number has to drink and give his card to the other player.
  • Should both players draw the same card, both must count out four cards, with the fourth face up, and the one who gets the higher value wins and gets the entire stack of four cards.
  • Continue doing this until one player completes a deck of cards.


8. Gambling With Alcohol

 Gambling With Alcohol

The concept is simple and can turn all sorts of games into exciting 2 person drinking games. All players have to do is that instead of wagering money, players wage alcohol, which just makes games such as poker, blackjack, dice games and the likes a bit more exciting and intoxicating.


7. Pinky McDrinky

Pinky McDrinky

A game that relies on dice and a whole lot of drinks, this is probably the only one in this list of 2 person drinking games that plays best with only two people.

Here is how to play Pinky McDrinky.

  • Get three dices, one pink and two white.
  • One player rolls the pink dice, and then both players roll their white dices at the same time.
  • If one player’s dice matches the pink one, the other player has to drink.
  • If the sum of the two white dice is seven, both players have to drink.
  • Should both players roll the same number, decide who wins by playing a game of “rock, paper, scissors”
  • If all three dices match, the player that grabs the pink dice first wins and rolls it again, with the rolled amount deciding how much the other player has to drink.


6. Black or Red

Black or Red

This may be the easiest to play of all the 2 person drinking games in this list.

Here is how to play black or red:

  • One player gets one card and the other tries to guess if it is red or black.
  • If the guess is correct, the one holding the card has to drink and if the guess is wrong, that player has to drink.


5. Higher or Lower

Higher or Lower

Here is how to play this very simple game of guessing.

  • One player holds a deck of cards and flips the card on top over.
  • The other player then guesses if the next card is higher or lower. If the guess is wrong, they drink and if correct, they play a new card.
  • After three correct guesses, the game starts over, with the other player now holding the deck of cards.


4. Flip Cup

 Flip Cup

To play a game of flip cup, just follow these simple steps:

  • Line up plastic cups with a designated amount of alcohol on both sides of any table.
  • Both players drink a cup at the same time, placing the empty cup face up on the edge of the table.
  • Each player then attempts to have the cup land on the floor face down by flicking the bottom.
  • Both players then move on to the next cup until all cups are finished.


3. Shot Glass Chess

Shot Glass Chess

The very innocent game of chess with an added alcohol twist makes it one of the best 2 person drinking games out there for those who want to get drunk fast.

To play this game, all two players have to do is to play a regular game of chess, with the only twist that each time a player loses a piece, he or she has to take a shot.


2. Movie Drinking Game

Movie Drinking Game

With plenty of beer on hand and a movie rolling on the screen, all players have to do is to determine when to take a shot.

It can be anything from “Drink each time someone dies” or “Drink every commercial break” or “Drink every 15 minutes”, etc.


1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

The “de facto” leader of 2 person drinking games, beer pong is a very easy and fun game to play.

Here is how to play beer pong.

  • Each player takes one side in a long table, with each player having in front of them a designated number of cups filled with drinks arranged in a triangle formation.
  • Each player then takes turns trying to land the ball inside the other player’s cups, with players drinking the beer cups if a ball lands in them.
  • Clean the ball every now and then.

Try any one of these 2 person drinking games now and turn any party into a wild and memorable one.

Be sure to leave a comment below should you have anything to suggest.

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