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Mr. RauRauR | July 24, 2024

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Cut That Cord! The Top 10 Must-Try Cable TV Alternatives

Cut That Cord! The Top 10 Must-Try Cable TV Alternatives

While there is no real replacement for cable TV today, a few must-try cable TV alternatives can help anyone cut cable TV costs without having to give up all of its benefits. Here are just 10 of them:


10. Antenna


Using over the air or OTA signals and better technology, the new breed of antennas in the market can help you get 60 to 100 OTA channels, depending on where you live in.

The problem is, the best antennas do not come in cheap and the number of channels you get depends on where you live in and where you put the Antenna.


9. Broadcast Network Sites

Broadcast Network Sites

As long as you have an HDMI cable, you can connect your PC to your TV as you stream through all of the shows available on the websites of famous broadcast network sites, such as,, etc.

What makes this as good as any other cable TV alternatives out there is that you can watch all of the news the same day as they air.


8. Hulu


Hulu offers one of the best free packages over the internet. Most of the contents come with crisp and clear quality, and you probably will find the show that you are looking for over at

The only problem is that Hulu offers streaming only for those who live in United States.


7. Google Play, iTunes Store and Amazon

Google Play, iTunes Store and Amazon

These three allow anyone with the requirements for each respective online store to buy and/or rent single movies, episodes of their favourite TV shows and even entire seasons, making these cable TV alternatives a must try!


6. YouTube


Everybody knows about YouTube, the only problem is that not everyone knows that it is one of the best cable TV alternatives out there.

Then again, who can blame them? YouTube gets plenty of content every day, making it hard to filter out the good ones from the bad one. However, you can subscribe to channels known to provide quality content, making your search easier.


5. Smart TVs

Smart TVs

Plenty of Smart TVs these days can stream web content without having to rely on HDMI cables. What makes this alternative better is some come stocked with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, etc, already!

While Smart TVs are a few years away from becoming one of the best cable TV alternatives out there, it is worth a try.


4. Roku XDS

 Roku XDS

While you can find Google TV, Apple TV and other boxes in the market, Roku XDS offers the best when it comes to content.

At $99, it offers Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video on Demand and other internet-based content, with the only problem that it does not have an internet browser.


3. Semi


At $4.99 a month and $150 for the box, you get a wide range of over-the-air cable and online TV shows. It also comes with its own hard drive!

The only problem is that it is only available in 36 major American cities.


2. Netflix


One of the best cable TV alternatives out there, Netflix offers one of the best selections of on-demand content at a very small price tag.

While most people say that Netflix is better than other cable TV alternatives out there, the lack of live content prevents it from becoming “THE” best.


1. Online Streaming Sites

Online Streaming Sites

With a stable internet connection, it is amazing as to what kind of content you can get your hands on, such as live streaming of sports games, on-demand TV shows, etc.

A quick search and you will find a website that offers streaming of whatever content you are looking for, with plenty popping up almost every day as others shut down.

With these cable TV alternatives, you probably will be able to save hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars every year and not miss out on your favourite TV shows, series, news, games, etc.

Try one now and let us know what you think!

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