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Mr. RauRauR | July 20, 2024

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Top 10 Best Teeth Whitening Products That Work

Top 10 Best Teeth Whitening Products That Work

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”, and when your smile no longer boasts a set of pearly whites, one can resort to the use of teeth whitening products.

The teeth naturally discolour and the once beautiful smile can fade due to colored substances taken into the mouth. To renew the quality and sexiness of your smile, consider trying one of these teeth whitening products at home:



10. AltaWhite


AltaWhite can be compared to the professional whitening systems used in the dental office because the whitening agent is prepared by mixing powder and liquid components. The swab, which doubles as an applicator, contains the gel and its liquid content is released by snapping one end. This is combined with the powder in the pot to create a gel that may be applied liberally onto the teeth and left there for as long as one hour.


Price: $39.95 for a box set



9. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Baking soda is a known household substance with abrasive and bleaching properties. Use it in its powder form, creating a paste by combining it with lemon or strawberry. You can also buy the toothpaste product available in groceries, drugstores and health & beauty stores. Unlike other teeth whitening products, it is best used to maintain teeth whitening results obtained from more powerful systems because it is a weaker whitening agent.


Price: $6.60 for a box of pure baking soda or $3.80 for whitening toothpaste.



8. Crest White Strips

Crest White Strips

One of the most popular teeth whitening products in the country, Crest White Strips promise to remove both intrinsic and extrinsic stains on the teeth through its peroxide component. Leave the strips on teeth for an hour, use it continuously for as long as 20 days, and enjoy the smile transformation you are looking for.


Price: $28.65 for one box



7. GoSmile Whitening Light

GoSmile Whitening Light

If you want to smile better, you can choose GoSmile Whitening Light. Unlike all the other take home whitening lights, it is not only most effective, but also quite easy to use. It follows a one-time process of whitening, much like the chair-side procedure, where the whitening light is used on teeth after gel application, three times at 10 minutes per session.


Price: $198 for the whitening device



6. Idol White

Idol White

Like your idol celebrities that grace the glossy covers of magazines, you can own a winning close-up smile with the help of Idol White. Whitening pens have a felt tip that carries the whitening agent as you draw the pen into the mouth. Apply the whitening component to the surface as if you are coloring the teeth to obtain the effect. Compared to other teeth whitening products, whitening pens are very easy to use. They are very compact and can fit into your pocket. Application only takes a few seconds.


Price: $49.95 for one pen or $149.95 for a pack of six.



5. Luster Premium White Tooth Whitening System

Luster Premium White Tooth Whitening System

Luster is the take home version of the professional whitening systems used in dental offices. Quite laborious in the sense that a precise process needs to be followed, but the use of a light helps to boost and improve the results obtained. As a matter of fact, one can enjoy bleaching results of up to 6 shades lighter with just an hour exposure to gel and light. It is professional whitening without the tooth sensitivity, so it is more favourable.


Price: $51.59 for a box set of mouth rinse, gel and light



4. Natural White Pro Tooth Bleaching System

Natural White Pro Tooth Bleaching System

Natural White Pro follows the tray whitening system. In this method, the bleaching agent is delivered to the teeth by the tray. In gel form, the agent is liberally poured and the tray is worn in the mouth for just 5 minutes. It can whiten teeth with its dual-action mechanism and does not cause teeth sensitivity at all.


Price: $24.99 for one tray set



3. Pearl Gentle White

Pearl Gentle White

If you are experiencing teeth sensitivity with other teeth whitening products you use, Pearl Gentle White is going to be very kind to your teeth. Treatments with it are as fast as five minutes, compared to others that can go as long as two hours, so even the most on-the-go individual can enjoy it. It is a hands-free tray whitening system with a built-in activator light, so it is very practical and convenient to use.


Price: $195 for the device



2. Rembrandt


Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips is known to be very effective as bleaching product. Like most whitening strips, it is adhered to the tooth and then allowed to dissolve on its own, usually up to 2 hours. It is very effective and kind to the enamel, so users do not have to worry about extreme teeth sensitivity with its use against intrinsic and extrinsic stains on the teeth.


Price: 22.99 box of 56 strips



1. Supersmile Tooth Whitening Gum

Supersmile Tooth Whitening Gum

Who thought a gum could help whiten teeth? Supersmile, which has the component Calprox (a natural whitener) does not only bleach teeth but its Xylitol ingredient promotes a caries-free mouth as well. It is a gum so it is a perfect on-the-go whitening product that can lift surface or extrinsic stains and discolorations on teeth.


Price: $24 per tub of gum


Teeth bleaching may be performed in-office or may be done at home. Professional whitening systems are expensive and often cause increased tooth sensitivity due to the strength of the compounds used. Teeth whitening products used at home are so much friendlier.

With the right product and with proper use, one can own a celebrity white smile and be the envy of many. Are you ready to show off your sparkling white teeth?

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