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Mr. RauRauR | June 23, 2024

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Sex & Dating: 10 Hottest Dating Tips For Men

Sex & Dating: 10 Hottest Dating Tips For Men

Ah women. They’re hard to decode and impossible to predict but we just can’t live without them. They often say one thing and mean another, and they can make dating so complicated.

So how do you go about saying or doing the things that would please these fair creatures? Well for starters, you can follow these ten tips about sex and dating. It takes lots of practice and a dash of psychology to be a better dude, so man up and learn how to be one today.


1. Be a gentleman.

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Open doors for her, offer your arm whenever she needs it and if she looks nice, be sure to tell her. But try not to go for the overkill. Observe and act accordingly. You don’t have to kneel or kiss her hand, but simple gestures like giving your coat when she’s cold says a lot about the kind of man that you are. Unless you’re not really aiming for a second date, get your act together.


2. Be considerate.

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Call on a weekday (not weekends) to confirm the date. And clue her in on where you plan to take her. You wouldn’t want her overdressed or underdressed on that day and she’ll be too stressed to have fun, ruining the purpose of the date in the first place.


 3. Be kissable.

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Women judge men by imaging whether they can kiss them. And those dry, chapped lips or bad breath can greatly ruin the chance. Fortunately, there are chap sticks and oral hygiene products to help with that, and use them at your disposal.


4. Be datable.

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She’ll take offense if you don’t give her your home and work numbers, because that’s telling her either you’re committed or married. The first three dates are okay on weeknights, but after that it should be on the weekends. Otherwise, she’ll begin to wonder if you’re dating somebody else on the side.


5. Drinks instead of dinner on the first date.

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It’s fine. She doesn’t want to sit agonizingly through a seven-course ordeal too especially if it’s clear after appetizers that it’s not going to working out. Drinks are more casual, and fun. Make sure not to invite her somewhere conveniently around the block from your pad, it is obvious and she will definitely notice.


6. Tip well.

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Here’s a nifty trick: Mentally divide the bill by 10 and double that number. That’s how much you should tip. The most important thing is to do this casually and quickly. This little scenario is the deal-breaker. She’ll be watching, and it’s either you’re the cheapskate or the thoughtful guy (according to her 34 girlfriends) by the next day.


7. Pay attention to her eye color.

eye color + dating + sex + men

This is one of the cardinal rules in sex and dating. After the first date, she expects you to know her eye color. It’s one of those little indicators women use to know if you’re paying attention to them. If she’s special, of course you’ll know and you won’t be hard-pressed to remember.


8. Know when the time is right.

right timing + dating + sex + men


When you ask her over for a homemade dinner and movie after, she knows you’re looking to hook up. Ask after the second or third date. Bringing this up after the first date is creepy and is likely to put her off. Again, remember rule #1.


9. Be mindful of her feelings.

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If anything happens on date night that children aren’t allowed to see, call her the next day. As men we can’t wrap our minds around this, but believe me, she’ll be feeling cheap and used. Remove all doubts by taking the time to call.


10.  Don’t say I’ll call you if you don’t intend to.

false hope + dating + sex + men


Save her the embarrassment and false hope by not saying anything. It’s likely she’ll get the hint, suck it up, charge it to experience and move on. Besides, it’s easier for you that way too; no guilt feelings the next time you run into each other around town.


In sex, dating and relationships, remember to be a gentleman first and the rest will follow. Besides, it should feel good to be one. Not only will you be sending potential mates a message that you’re a nice, sweet guy, it also removes you from the category of inconsiderate Neanderthals that women chalk up their worst-date-ever board. Remember, be somebody you’d want your daughter to date.

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