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Mr. RauRauR | June 19, 2024

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Top 10 Short Haircut Styles for Men

Top 10 Short Haircut Styles for Men

Men are also vain in their own ways. Like women, men nowadays want to look at their best all the time. They tend to buy and wear expensive and elegant clothes, shoes, and accessories. But these things are nothing if they don’t know the right haircut styles for men with short hair.


If you need some help in choosing the best style for your hair, here are the top 10 haircut styles for men this 2013.


10. The Side Parted Hairstyle

The Side Parted Hairstyle

If you are comfortable being a boy-next-door type of guy and you need to have one of those short haircut styles for men, this one is perfect for you. Parting your front hair to the side gives extra accent to your face. In addition to that, it will give you a placid, gentle, and cool aura.


9. The Layered Short Hair

The Layered Short Hair

Some men think that having long or oval face is a disadvantage. However, there are short hairstyles for men that can still give them a trendy and modern look. If you are one of these men, having your short hair layered can give you some neat impression.


8. The Short Pompadour Haircut

The Short Pompadour Haircut

First adapted by the men’s fashion industry in the 1950s, this pompadour haircut style for men remains popular in this generation. Keeping your hair short the Elvis Presley style can make you look more confident and appealing to the public.


7. The Short Spiky Hair

The Short Spiky Hair

If you are already tired with your long and wavy hair and want to try some short haircut styles, this spiky style will surely suit your taste. This modern hairstyle can help define the angles of your face for that cleaner, more handsome look.


6. The Smooth and Spiky Hairstyle

The Smooth and Spiky Hairstyle

Combining the smoothness and spikiness of your hair can result to a new unconventional hairstyle. Being unique can always give you some advantage and with this hairstyle, your charming appeal may increase tenfold.


5. The Short and Messy Hairstyle

The Short and Messy Hairstyle

If you are always on the go and want some wash-and-wear short haircut styles, this messy hairstyle is perfect for you. With this hairstyle, you can say goodbye to your comb and other hair products. This hairstyle is perfect for busy men like college students and young professionals.


4. The Corporate Brush-up Hairstyle

The Corporate Brush-up Hairstyle

There are several short hair styles for men but only few are appropriate in the corporate world. Good thing, there is the corporate brush-up hairstyle that is perfect for your corporate status. All you have to do is to slightly trim the sides of your hair and brush-up the rest.


3. The Trendy Brush-up Hairstyle

The Trendy Brush-up Hairstyle

If you want to have that rock style spirit and want some short haircut styles, this trendy brush-up hairstyle is the one you’re looking for. Short hair styles for men have been the trend this year and keeping that iconic look is now made easier thanks to this cool hairstyle.


2. The Super Short Hair

The Super Short Hair

The Super Short Hair is one of the easiest short haircut styles you can try. Just trim your hair up to one or two inches long and you can achieve that Jason Statham appeal to girls and women. Ideal during summer, this hairstyle lets you leave a remarkable impression without even shaving all of your hair.


1. The Superb Kingly Hairstyle

The Superb Kingly Hairstyle

Several haircut styles for men are available out there but nothing beats this superb kingly hairstyle. This hairstyle is really striking and eye-catching to girls and women who prefer fashionable men. To get this gorgeous hairstyle, just trim the back and sides of your hair then brush up the top like a crown of a king.


Haircut styles for men are not all about trimming, brushing up, and styling. It should also include some colors and highlights. Choosing the right color that will complement your complexion is also crucial in helping you get that wonderful and gorgeous look.


Lastly, don’t forget to keep your self-confidence in check. After all, these short haircut styles are nothing if you can’t carry and project yourself properly.


Your Turn

Do you know other short haircut styles for men that you want to recommend? 

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