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Mr. RauRauR | May 25, 2024

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How to Hit Her G-spot: The Only 10 Tips Every Man Must Know

How to Hit Her G-spot: The Only 10 Tips Every Man Must Know

The G spot is that erogenous little place in a woman’s body that causes skyrocketing levels of sexual arousal and intense orgasm. It is located near the upper wall of the vagina and close to a finger’s length inside her. But until this very day, its physiological existence remains a mystery. And while it’s easily spotted in some women, it has been harder for others.

Here are 10 tips on how to find the G spot:


Rouse her

The key to locating the G spot is arousing her. It will be easier to locate it when she is turned on. When she is aroused, the increased blood flow will make the G spot swell like the surface of a walnut. So try all the tricks in the book to awaken the sexual beast inside her. Because once the Kraken is released, it’s not hard to find the G spot.


Do it manually

Slip both middle finger and index fingers gently inside her vagina. The G spot is located a few centimetres near the top wall of the vaginal wall. Feel through the inner contents until you find something that looks rough and protruding. That swelling area is the spot. Start off by stroking it using the two fingers together. As she gets more aroused, give her different kinds of sensations by using circular motions. Then tickle the G spot with the tip of your fingers.


Call for help

If you can’t reach it with your fingers, call for help. Use a vibrator and rub it gently back and forth over the G spot area. She would go to heaven if you simultaneously go to work on her clitoris with that lizard-like tongue of yours. To easily move the vibrator around the G spot area, it would be best if you position your head and shoulders across her pelvic area rather than between her legs.


Lazy dog

One of the best positions in locating the G spot is the doggy style position. The arousal increases if we vary this to the “lazy dog” position where she gets down to her elbows. This variation lifts and slants her pelvis so that the top part of your penis stimulates the G spot as you continuously thrust. Try to push in several directions so that you will also stimulate the surrounding area.


Man curves

While a woman’s curves are the shape of her body, a man’s curve is the shape of his shaft. Every penis has an identity distinct from other dicks. Each is uniquely curved to satisfy the path hole it enters. Take advantage of this curve in trying to locate her G spot. So whichever way it curves, you would want that angle hitting the G.


Do the butterfly

Let her lie down on a table or counter. Lift her legs and let them rest on your shoulders. Incline her pelvis upwards so that her back forms a straight line angling towards you. If you get this position correctly, both your crotches should be facing each other like boxers getting the referee’s final instructions before the fight. Hold her close by putting your hands underneath her hips while you do the ground and pound. You should hit the G before the final bell sounds.


Love the missionary

If both of you like to be very traditional, you can also find the G spot using the missionary position. What you should do differently is that you put a couple of pillows underneath her buttocks so that it will tilt and angle her pelvis in a direction where you can hit the target pretty easily.


Add clitoral stimulation

You will know that you are going in the right direction when there is a sudden increase in her excitement. When you look at her face, her eyes start to roll back as if she were possessed by a demonic spirit. And when her body starts to shake like an epileptic, stimulate her clitoris by massaging it with your fingers. When you sense that there is additional lube down there you’ll hit the jackpot in a few seconds.


Let it go, let it flow

With repeated stimulation, you will find the spot. Eventually, she will experience a sensation similar to the one that a woman feels when she needs to urinate. This is the reason why some women want to stop at this point because they think they are going to pee. But if she continues, it will flow. It’s not urination, it is female ejaculation.


Try until you succeed

Unfortunately, finding the G spot is not as mechanical as reading a map to locate it. Studies have shown that women in their 20’s have more dominant clitoral orgasms because of high estrogen levels. These high levels make the vaginal wall too thick and thus difficult for G spot stimulation. This is the reason why women say that their sexual peak is in their 30’s. So if at first you don’t succeed, try again. It’s normal not to spot the G right away.

If you have not discovered this holy grail yet, these tips are reasons not to stop. Remember that it’s not just about the destination, but it’s about the sexual journey.

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