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Mr. RauRauR | June 17, 2024

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10 Ways to Have Sex With a Stripper (Without Paying For It)

10 Ways to Have Sex With a Stripper (Without Paying For It)

Stripper sex is pretty much easy if you have the money to pay for it. But it’s a very challenging task for a man to seduce and take a stripper to bed without opening his wallet.  However, challenges like that either motivate the best of players or bring out the player in us. Let the latter be the case here.

So here’s how we’ll do it:


The Game Plan

Since the objective of the game is to take a stripper to bed without coughing up dough, then you must not be a “regular client” to begin with. The script is that you were only forced by your pals or your boss to come along. You are a first timer at this place. So don’t play this at strip clubs where the girls have seen you before. That is going to spoil the plan. So this is like a one shot deal per place because if you fail the first time, you’ll be too obvious with your lines the second time around.


Edward Lewis

Remember Pretty Woman? Edward Lewis was a rich and sophisticated corporate guy who met a prostitute on Hollywood Boulevard. You know the story, but you don’t have to be rich as Edward to do this. His is the personality that strippers would fall for: decent looking, well-dressed, well-mannered and a true gentleman. Play that part, and you’ll be the knight on the white horse who’s going to rescue the hooker princess. (or stripper princess for this matter).


Ordinary women

Just because she is a stripper doesn’t necessarily mean she has a PhD in bedroom science. Sure, strippers get naked for cash and deal with shady bastards. There are even girls in these high end clubs who are paying for college with strip club dinero. But apart from these, you’ve got to keep in mind that strippers are almost the same as ordinary women in terms of personality, emotional mind set and sex. So treat them like normal women.


Right time

Picking the right time is crucial. Strippers go to the club to make money and not to have fun. No matter how Edward-ly you look, no one’s paying attention to you because they’re all busy earning their living. So it’s best to go there on an off day. If it’s an off day, strippers will have more time socializing and you’ll have more than enough game time.


Picking a target

The right pick would be the newest and youngest girl in the club. Those experienced ones know better than you. They would never date a client and would rather siphon off the benjamins from your wallet. Don’t ask them, every girl will say that she’s new just to sell herself. Ask the bartenders and bouncers, they should be the key. But ask them indirectly. Try this one: “Do these girls do this for years or just for quick cash?” You’ll get a more realistic answer.


The approach

And so we begin the quest with the approach. Keep in mind that these girls are working for hard cash. If you take this away from them, it would be an insult. So if she approaches you and says: “How about a dance?” Politely say no, but offer her a drink. Remember that you are not a “regular” here. You were forced by your boss or friends to come. If you keep yourself undercover, you get a good conversation with her later.


Gaming her

Remember what we said earlier about strippers being normal women? Don’t ask her questions that you won’t ask to ordinary girls. Forget that she is a stripper. She is now an ordinary girl. Ask her about her personal life, her hobbies, her goals and her ambitions. Keep the conversation real and emotional. Compliment her personality and inner beauty. If she starts opening up, you’re in good shape.


Her time

Again, she’s here to earn cash. She’ll stand to lose money if she just talks to you all night. That defeats the purpose. So here’s when you step up your game. Don’t say that you don’t want to pay for a dance. Remember you are Edward, so be shy when she asks you for dance. She’ll like you more for saying no. She’d think that it’s her time and attention that you want, even if it’s really not.


Close out

If you did your homework, she’ll be pretty much convinced by now that you are a different beast. You like her as a person and as a woman. You are attracted to her personality and intellect. What you want is not physical. If you pass all these criteria, she’ll be willing to give you her number. So close out the ballgame like Mariano Rivera. Because once you get her number, it will be your season ticket to her bed.


The Big Bang theory

Contrary to what you are thinking right now, you’d be lucky to bang her on the first night. Most probably, you’ll not. This happens with regular women. She is a regular one, right? Continue to treat her like one. And here’s the golden rule: Don’t come back to the club until you’ve gone out with her at least once and outside of the club. That way, she’ll remember you as her date and not her client. Once things start to get real, it’s time to drop the bomb and ask her if she wants to come to your place. She’ll likely say yes and you’ll hear the invisible umpire say: “Game,set,match.”

So who says stripper sex is lame? Being a player is an art. It is a craft. It may be self-serving and selfish. But as Booker T. often says: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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