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Mr. RauRauR | June 5, 2024

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How to Get Big Arms:10 Fast Rules You Should Know

How to Get Big Arms:10 Fast Rules You Should Know

Are you still not convinced by hundreds of topics regarding how to get big? Are you still looking for effective ways to grow bigger and muscular arms?

We know that you already tried a lot of trainings, diets, and other arm improvement programs. If you feel like you keep getting no or less than impressive results, this article is written for you.

Here are 10 of the best tips to help you achieve bigger biceps and triceps that women love:


10. Schedule an “Arms Day”

Schedule an “Arms Day”

First things first, you must schedule specific days to do arm workouts. This may sound simple but many arm builders tend to lose their focus when working out. Setting aside an “Arms day” helps you to perform workouts that only concentrate on triceps and biceps. This allows the body to grow stronger, bigger arm muscles.


9. Use Thick Grips or Bars

Use Thick Grips or Bars

Do you think gripping accessories are only for sweaty hands when lifting? Thick bars maximize the strength and boost development of arm muscles. On the other hand, bodybuilders who don’t use thick hand grips have less body strength than those who do.


8. Forearms Training

Forearms Training

Your entire arm will look uneven if you don’t train your forearms. Ladies are more impressed by beefy forearms, and you can make them bigger by simply working out with dumbbells or hand barbells. Furthermore, disregarding your forearms will slow the growth of your entire arms.


7. Maximize the Muscle’s Blood Volume

pump workouts

Performing pump workouts allows the muscles to get more blood and grow bigger in the process. Pumps also stretch the body’s fascia, a tight sheath of muscles surrounding the arm. Compressed fascia slows down the growth of muscles and you can loosen them up by performing pumps.


6. Avoid Elbow Injuries

Elbow Injuries

Elbow injuries may lead to atrophy or decreased size of arm muscles. Therefore, don’t exhaust your body beyond its limit and always take precautions when lifting.


5. Dumbbell Curls

how to get big arms

You can do dumbbell curls by standing with feet apart (preferably shoulder-width). Extend your arms fully with both hands holding the dumbbells. Then curl your arms to pull the dumbbells up to your chest. Include this in your “arms day” and you will be able to achieve bigger arms and upper body in the long run.


4. Incline with Dumbbell Curls

how to get big fast

Unlike the standing curl workout, you need to incline your body on the workout chair to do this exercise. With feet on the floor, extend your arms fully while holding a dumbbell on each hand. Alternately curl your hands one after the other up to the shoulder level. Doing this workout will make your biceps bigger.


3. Concentration Curls

Concentration Curls + workouts to get big

While sitting on a workout chair or a bench, place your feet on the ground and lean forward. Sit your right elbow on your right knee and extend your arm fully. You can support your position by placing your left hand on your left knee. Do a series of dumbbell curls with your right arm and do the same workout with the other arm. Perform this regularly to develop both your triceps and biceps.


2. Chin-ups

Chin-ups + how to get big muscles

Do you know how to get big through chin-ups? What you need are dedication and patience. We all know that chin-ups are difficult for beginners but you must include it in your “arms day” workout. With both hands, grip a bar that can support your body weight. Lift your body up until your chin reaches the top of your hands.


1. Change Your Lifestyle

how to get big

Above all else, you need to support your workout with appropriate lifestyle. This includes healthy foods and nutritional supplements. Decrease your calorie intake and increase your dosage of natural protein. You can also add creatine in your workout supplements to boost your upper body muscles.


There are different ways to grow your arms bigger; however, workout alone is not a complete solution. Always think about a healthy diet which can boost your arm’s development.


Your Turn

 If you have great suggestions and insights on how to get big, please share them on the comments section below.

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