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Mr. RauRauR | June 15, 2024

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10 Tips and Treatments for Receding Hairline

10 Tips and Treatments for Receding Hairline

Are you afraid to go out tomorrow because you noticed that you have receding hairline? Is the thought of not wearing a cap in the public scares you?

Guess what, you don’t have to worry anymore. Even if the cause of your hair loss is genetically proven, there are still effective ways to prevent it. Here are the top 10 receding hairline treatments you can try to make sure you look manly wherever you go.


10. Don’t wash your hair excessively

men + receding hairline

Most men tend to wash their hair even more once they notice signs of receding hairline. Avoid doing this. Washing your hair too much can only damage your scalp, contributing to severe hair loss. Maintain using men’s shampoo once a day for better hair treatment.


9. Have a balanced diet

receding hairline tips for men + balanced diet

Aside from scalp damages, hair loss is also a result of unhealthy diet. Hair is made up of body’s protein. This means that lack of protein in your diet may contribute to the issue. Try supplementing your meals with multivitamins to help your body in replenishing protein. Make sure that you address any nutritional deficiencies found in your daily lifestyle.


8. Keep your hair short

short hairstyle for men + receding hairline

Keeping your hair style shorter allows you to have minimal changes when your hairline begins regressing. Once you notice that you begin to lose hair, you better start trimming your hair style shorter. This will make your hairline more natural and more appealing to the ladies.


7. Maintain your facial hair

facial hair + men + receding hairline

Properly groomed facial hair can make you look manlier and prevent the odd appearance of receding hairline. However, be careful not to overgrow your moustache, sideburns, and beard because too much hair all over your face is no longer appealing. Nevertheless, facial hair can sustain the devastating looks of hair loss.


6. Avoid stress

avoid stress + receding hairline treatment

Relaxation relieves stress. Since one of the causes of hair loss is stress, try to avoid anything that pressures you. Have fun by dedicating an hour or two to play games or sports every day. This will help you pull your thoughts away from work or other distractions.


5. Use hair growth/ repair products

hair growth products + men + receding hairline

One of the most common tips on how to stop a receding hairline is to use hair repair products for men. There are available pomades, gels, and shampoos in the market today. Some of these products use formula for hair regrowth to prevent future hair loss. Fortunately, you can also rely on the same formula to treat receding hairline.


4. Consult your doctor

consult your doctor + how to stop a receding hairline

If you are really serious in treating your hair loss problem, then you have to seek the assistance of physicians and specialists. They can tell you what treatment is best for you such as hair growing gels, proper medications, and protein-filled diet. Moreover, they can evaluate whether you need transplanting or not. Hair transplant is a scientifically proven solution for hair loss.


3. Take more Vitamin A

vitamin a + receding hairline treatment

Compared to conventional approach, you should never underestimate the power of natural treatment. Although Vitamin A is well-known for eye-boosting benefits, it also prevents hair loss problems. Eat orange, yellow, and red fruits to boost the cells of your scalp and hair roots. Animal sources of Vitamin A include fish oil, fortified milk, and eggs.


2. Increase your Vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid intake

folic acid + receding hairline

These 3 help your body in forming hemoglobin – responsible for carrying oxygen to different tissues including your hair. Available sources of these nutrients include leafy veggies, avocado, fortified cereals, meat (e.g. fish, chicken, pork,), soybeans, and broccoli.


1. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C

VITAMIN C + receding hairline treatment for men

Do you know that Vitamin C does more to our body than what you can imagine? It relieves our entire system from free radicals such as pollution, stress, unhealthy diet, and other harmful elements inside the body. It also strengthens the immune system and helps your skin glow beautifully.


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