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Mr. RauRauR | June 9, 2024

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Top 10 Questions for a First Date that You Should not be Embarassed to Ask

Top 10 Questions for a First Date that You Should not be Embarassed to Ask

So you have asked your dream girl out on a date and she said yes. You have everything planned into what should turn out to be a perfect night. Dinner reservations, a movie or a show and even a nightcap have already been set into motion assuming the night goes well. You think you’ve gotten it all figured out, right? Wrong. Even if you have the most awesome date planned, you’re forgetting about one very crucial thing: actually talking to your date and getting to know more about her by using questions for a first date.

10 The First Mistake Committed During a Date

10The First Mistake Committed During a Date

Most men unfortunately have no idea on how to talk to their dates, let alone pay any attention to what they are saying. Your questions for a first date are very important as this will determine whether your lady friend would actually consider you for another one in the near future, or if she even wants to see you at all again. Here are some questions you need to ask when you have a first date.

9. Ask About Her Background

9Ask About Her BackgroundThe first thing you really need to ask your date is her history or what she has been up to in the past. Where she grew up, the schools that she went to and even her job are the basic questions you need to ask her to get the ball rolling. At this point, you are conversing with her and making it appear that you are really interested in what she has to say.

8. Say No to Asking About Her Past for Now

8Say No to Asking About Her Past for NowA big no-no on a first date would be to ask her dating history. That is an awkward question to ask which will definitely lead to disastrous results, unless she brings it up first.

7. Ask About Her and Avoid Talking About You

7 Ask About Her and Avoid Talking About YouWhat women hate the most is a man that constantly talks about his own interests which in her eyes will make you appear narcissistic. This is actually kind of ironic since women love to talk as well but do not see anything wrong with it. If ever you kind of get the feeling that she is talking too much you need to remember one thing: you asked her out.

6. Ask About Her Personal Preferences

6Ask About Her Personal PreferencesYou can also ask your date what type of food she usually prefers, the TV shows or movies she loves to watch and other small details pertaining to her daily activities. This may seem like small talk but it is actually gaining you an edge. By knowing this information, you know what to do the next time she agrees to go out on a date with you.

5. When You Ask, Pay Attention to Answers

5When You Ask, Pay Attention to AnswersPlus, by asking her these questions you are again making it appear to her that you are really interested in her and not just getting in her pants. Do pay attention to what she is saying or else you might get stumped and not have a follow-up question to ask her. You can’t simply reply “That’s cool” after she’s been yammering on for minutes now.

4. Do Not Ask About The Date Itself or Pry Answers From Her

4Do Not Ask About The Date Itself or Pry Answers From HerMoving on through the date, you might be tempted to ask her what she thinks of you or how the night is faring so far. Don’t appear too eager or enthusiastic. You need to play it cool. Simply ask if she’s having a good time because you definitely are, even if you’re not. Dates can go horribly in a million ways and if you are having just an “ok” time, tell her you’re glad to be out with her because she will surely appreciate it. Maybe next time you will be more comfortable with each other and that is when the fun will truly begin if you catch my drift. If your date says she’s having a good time, say that you’re happy that she’s happy and leave it at that. This means you’re doing fine so far.

3. Ask for Another Date

3Ask for Another DateAs the date comes to a near close and you are bringing her home, you can ask if she wants to go out with you again whenever she is free. If she says her schedule is very flexible, this means that she is very interested in you. On the other hand if she says let’s keep in touch, that means the night didn’t pan out well for the both of you. However, if she asks you to come up for a nightcap, you are definitely covering all the bases and have done a great job during your date.

2. Learn of Her Future Plans

2Learn of Her Future PlansGoing out on a date means you are probably thinking of having a relationship and of course, you need to know what her plans are for the future. Casually bring it up during an intimate moment during the date so you know what she ultimately wants to happen.

1. Ask About Family

1Ask About FamilyNever underestimate the power about asking your date about her love for her family. Most likely, she will tell you all about it and this will inadvertently give you an insight on her background as well.

Questions for a first date are important as this will give you an idea as to whether you picked the right girl or if you are even compatible at all. Remember to keep cool and play it by ear when you ask questions for a first date to avoid any mishaps from happening.

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