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Mr. RauRauR | May 25, 2024

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Top 10 Rules of the Circle of Death Drinking Game

Top 10 Rules of the Circle of Death Drinking Game

It’s Saturday night and your buddies are with you in what was supposed to be a chill night of drinking. Then, out of the blue, someone suggests the circle of death drinking game and you haven’t the least bit idea what it’s all about. It is a fun drinking game although it really has a lot of rules that you need to familiarize yourself with. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be begging to play the circle of death every time you intend to binge drink with your friends. Here are some of the rules that play a huge part in the game.

10. It is in the Cards

10. It is in the CardsSo to start this game off, you need at least two players but there are no limits as to how many can actually play. The more, the merrier. Then you will need a deck of cards and a boatload of your alcohol of choice. The cards will be laid out in the middle and the cup containing the drink is in it as well.

9. The Start9. The Start

The game starts when one of you draws out a card and it only stops when either all the cards have been turned or the fourth king in the deck is shown already. There are corresponding actions to every card that has been pulled.

8. Cards 1-68. Cards 1-6

So when you pull out a red card until the number six, you will have to take the shot of alcohol or chug down the cup of beer. On the other hand, if you draw out a black card, you will then give drinks multiplied by two depending on the number of the card drawn. So if you draw a two, you will have the power to choose someone from the group and make him drink four shots.

7. Lucky Number 77. Lucky Number 7

When a card is drawn and it happens to be the number seven, all the ladies drink. No questions asked.

6. The Number 86. The Number 8

If an eight is drawn, all the guys have to drink.

5. It’s in the Nines5.  It’s in the Nines

When you draw out a nine, you will need to pick a word and it goes around the group and each one has to choose another word that rhymes with yours. The person who can’t think of something that rhymes with it or doesn’t say anything drinks the shot.

4. The Ten in the Deck4. The Ten in the Deck

Once you draw this card out, the person to your left must drink the shot or chug the cup of beer. Don’t feel bad, it’s just a game.

3. Jack-ing It Up3. Jack-ing It Up

If you draw a card and it happens to be a Jack, the person to your right drinks. If he had just taken a shot, then it sucks to be him.

2. The Queen2. The Queen

This is another fun part of the game. If you draw out a Queen card, you will have to pick a topic in general then it everyone else in the group must think of something that rhymes with it. Again, the first person who can’t think of anything to rhyme with it or stutters has to drink the shot.

1. Kings and Aces1. Kings and Aces

So when anyone pulls out a king, they can pour as much alcohol into the cup in the middle of the group. The same goes for the others who pick out the second and third king. Now when the last king is turned over, the person who has this honour must drink everything that is in the cup. If it happens to be a jug, then that person has the worst luck ever.

Picking out Aces is also called a “waterfall” because the person who pulls out an Ace will dictate how everyone drinks and in which direction it is going. So for instance when the card is drawn out, you start drinking and everyone else will start to follow you. If you chose the right, then they will follow you in order until the circle is complete. Only when you choose to stop drinking can the people following you are also able to stop. If you choose to finish your drink, they have to finish theirs as well.

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