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Mr. RauRauR | June 19, 2024

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Top 10 Games to Top the Waterfall Drinking Game

Top 10 Games to Top the Waterfall Drinking Game

Drinking, while a fun pastime when you start to remember just what happened last night, only has a lasting appeal. Firstly, sometimes the hangover simply isn’t worth the sob stories you hear the night before, and secondly, drinking away the night every night can get a little grating. So instead of being all sad during that drinking session, why not add a little more fun with games like the waterfall drinking game? In fact, why stop there? If you really want to spice up that weekly pub visit, check out these games that are guaranteed to drop everyone under the table.

10. Edward 40 Hands10. Edward 40 Hands

If you’ve never heard of this game, then that’s all right, but that just means you don’t watch much of How I Met Your Mother. Basically, this game blew up when the gang started referencing it in the show. The rules are simple; duct tape a pair of 40 ounce beers to your hands. While they are taped on, you can’t take any bathroom breaks, answer your cellphone, or do anything with your otherwise preoccupied hands. This game is best played with two or more people as the antics can be hilarious in the long run, but basically, this game is aimed for those that want to get hammered.

9. Nothing9. Nothing

For the group that likes to keep dice handy, Nothing is a game that can get pretty wrong pretty quickly. Best done with shots of something hard, the game starts out with 5 dice. First, you roll them and you keep all of the lowest rolled die. For example, if you rolled two 2’s, one 4, and two 5’s, then you get to keep the 2’s and the 4. In this game, rolling a three basically means 0 so you can keep those rolls. Remember the sum of the 3 dice and pass the die around the table. Once everyone has their sum, reveal them and the one with the lowest sum wins. The thing here is that each loser has to drink shots equivalent to the winner’s sum.

8. Red or Black8. Red or Black

For this game, you’re going to need a deck of cards. Shuffle them up and take one and keep it with you, so that players can take guesses on whether or not the card is red or black. If the player is wrong, a sip of beer is taken, and if he is right, then he skips. A player with three consecutive correct guesses gets to make a new rule for the next rotation while as a player with three wrong guesses has to drink the remaining beer in the cup.

7. Power Hour/Century Club7. Power Hour-Century Club

This game isn’t for lightweight drinkers or for the faint of heart. The basic version of this game is that each player has to sip a beer for every minute in the hour. Anyone who takes a bathroom break or fails to drink for 5 minutes has to down the beer and start with a new cup. The century club is the scarier version of this game as it replaces beer with shots.

6. Flip Cup6. Flip Cup

Have you ever been in a relay race? No? Well then here’s your chance to be in one without breaking too much of a sweat. In this game, you’ll need 6 players on each team and 6 cups of either beer or two shots of liquor. The purpose of the game is to start at one side and race to see who gets to the end of the line by fast drinking. The team to finish last is punished by drinking an additional cup of beer for each player.

5. Flip, Sip, or Strip5. Flip, Sip, or Strip

This game is a lot more provocative and spicy then the others on this list. You see, all you need to play this game is a coin. Each player on the table flips the coin and has to call it in the air. If they guess right, nothing happens, but when they guess wrong, well they choose between drinking four sips of beer or stripping one article of clothing. The trick to the game is a bit more fun though; a player can only take any option twice in a row and no more than that.

4. Drown the Clown4. Drown the Clown

This one is a little more simple than the other games on this list, but at the same time, its pretty fast so the game can get out of hand quick. All you need is a deck of cards and more than four players. Shuffle the deck and have the people select a card from different parts of the deck. On the count of three, each players must flip the card they have. If a card is similar between two players, they must race to point at the other player and yell out “clown”. Whoever loses that race has to drink a cup of beer and anyone who points to a player with no match has to drink as punishment.

3. The TV/Movie based drinking game3. The TV-Movie based drinking game

This game is pretty simple all throughout the session. Basically, you round up a couple of friends and rent a movie or a series you all find familiar. So the rules are simple, depending on the show’s quirks, you and your group has to drink a shot. For example, in the show How I met your Mother, Barney enjoys saying “it’s gonna be legen- wait for it -DARY”. You can use that to make people in the group to take a shot. The number of drinks can vary on the rarity of the catchphrase.

2. Circle of Death2. Circle of Death

Much like the century club, this game is not for the weak of heart. You start by taking a deck of cards and creating three circles within each other. The game is simple; players flip cards over guessing the suite of the card. If they are right, the players not guessing have to take sips according to the value of the card. If they guess wrong, they take that number of shots. When the outermost circle is done, you move on to the inner circle. Be warned though, as you get to the inner circle, shots are doubled, and the innermost has you drinking three times more.


Remember Uno from your childhood? Well, there’s a way to revive that game into more adult standards. In this game, the rules remain the same as in the card game. The stipulation is that every time a player draws a card from the deck, he or she has to drink and every time a player gets out, each player drinks again. The loser of the game has to finish off the drink he or shes has in from of them.

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