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Mr. RauRauR | June 3, 2024

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Top 10 Best Running Watch You Should Have on a Triathlon

Top 10 Best Running Watch You Should Have on a Triathlon

Are you the type to go out on a run to greet the morning? Or maybe you’re one to join in every triathlon that comes up? Don’t you just hate it when you can’t keep track of your time or your progress for lack of a good watch? Here’s the good news – there are running watches available for people like you. It’s got all the capabilities you’d want to time and track your run, monitor your progress, and still be able to tell the time, all in style. Before you go out and join the next triathlon on your list, you better have the best running watch on your wrist. Here are some of the best watches you should consider.

10. Nike+ SportWatch GPS10 Nike+ SportWatch GPS

If you’re an avid runner, you don’t want to just be stuck with a watch and all it does is tell time now do you? The Nike+ SportWatch GPS ( is your answer. It helps you get an accurate reading of your distance and speed during running, whether that’s done indoors on a treadmill or outdoors under the sun. You don’t even have to worry about the GPS signal getting interrupted. This is also a great choice because it shows you mapped routes, marks the laps that you ran, and helps track your heart rate and how much calories you’ve burned. You can also turn on a Run Reminder just in case you haven’t gone on a run for a long time.

9. Garmin Forerunner Series9. Garmin Forerunner Series

Absolutely any runner who loves to go out and track his or her runs with the latest gadget and technology around would love the Garmin Forerunner Series. It is equipped with the latest in technology to track practically all kinds of useful information including your distance, your routes, your calories burned, and many more statistical data you’d need to monitor if you had a good workout or not.

8. Timex Ironman Run Trainer with GPS8. Timex Ironman Run Trainer with GPS

If you want to be the next ironman, you’d want this gadget to be strapped onto your wrist. The Timer Ironman Run Trainer with GPS shows you a lot of helpful information like distance, heart rate, pace, and many more all featured on an easy to read screen. It also features customizable displays. You are able to review your map after your run and can even monitor your training through an online training software included. Other great features include a 50m water resistance capability and an 8-hour life rechargeable battery.

7. New Balance N8 Trainer

7. New Balance N8 Trainer

This new N8 Trainer from the renowned brand, New Balance, is able to track your distance, speed, and heart rate all at an affordable price tag. What many people love about this gadget is that it is easy to use and calibrate. You only need to lace up the Speed Distance transmitter onto your shoes and you’ll be able to track your training and progress with such accuracy. It also features an ECG accurate heart rate monitor which provides you a continuous reading. The watch also features visual and audio alerts to remind you whether your heart rate is in the optimal zone or not.

6. Nike+ SportBand6. Nike+ SportBand

This watch is a great gadget for beginner runners. It is a basic watch but packed with advanced features. The Nike+ SportBand 2 is able to track your distance, time, pace, and even the calories you’ve burned. Its advance feature enables it to monitor your heart rate. You can then upload your data to to keep a log of your runs and check your trends as well as your progress.

5. Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch5. Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch

It’s inexpensive but powerful, the Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch can be your daily running partner or a partner to an ordinary day. It is enough to meet your training and race needs. Its features include a 100-hour stopwatch, 50 lap memory, 50 workout memory, and a training log among many others. It is sleek and stylish and is available in different colors.

4. Suunto Quest

4. Suunto Quest

This handy gadget makes use of a shoe pod in order to track distance, speed, and even stride rate as you run. The Suuntu Quest features a large display that enables you to do splits simply by tapping the face of the watch. You can also sync the logged data to in order to set a better training goal for you. The watch also effectively reminds you of your workouts.

3. Polar RCX5

3. Polar RCX5

The Polar RCX5 is a great watch because it personalizes to your needs. It sets targets based on the fitness tests it collects during your workouts. This watch can also be great for multiathletes such as on triathlons as it features a dedicated mode for cycling and swimming. It comes with a hefty price tag but it features a working heart rate sensor underwater and an easily accessible watch interface.

2. Polar RS400/SD

2. Polar RS400-SD

The Polar RS400/SD is a watch with a lot of impressive features. It has a long battery life, features a 99-exercise file memory capacity, and is GPS-enabled. Its other features include a compatible foot pod that can be attached comfortably to your shoe laces. With this pod in place, your speed, distance, pace, and level of performance can be well-monitored. It is an advanced watch for runners and is an excellent choice despite the expensive price tag.

1. Timex Bodylink T5F011

1. Timex Bodylink T5F011

The Timex Bodylink T5F011 is rather affordable compared to the other advanced watches on the market yet it features the same capabilities or even better. It has an external Navman GPS system that can be attached to a belt clip or an arm strap. It is able to monitor your heart rate effectively as well as your speed, distance, and pace. It also has an interval timer and a 100-lap memory capacity. With these in your watch, you are one fully equipped runner for a race.

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