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Mr. RauRauR | July 14, 2024

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Sex On Period: 10 Ways To Have Great Sex While She’s Menstruating

Sex On Period: 10 Ways To Have Great Sex While She’s Menstruating

There are couples who abstain from sex during a woman’s menstruation period because of sanitary issues. But if abstinence is not in your vocabulary, here are 10 tips to have a great period sex:


1. Menstrual Cups

menstrual cup for period sex

These are cups that prevent the menstrual blood from leaking off the vagina. Menstrual cups were invented as an alternative to tampons and pads. These cups can be very useful during period sex as they let couples have a stain-free sex play.

However, it is recommended that menstrual cups should not be used during penetration. Instead, you can try similar cups called soft cups which are flexible diaphragm-shaped cups that are intended to be used during intercourse.


2. Blanket

blankets + sex on period

For some partners, odor is an issue. There is an unusual odor that comes out of women when they are in their period. Wrap your bodies with towel at least up to above the midsection level or up to the neck while you are in the missionary position. This will neutralize the odor. You won’t even recall that it’s her period.


3. Protection

condom + sex during menstruation

The cervix opens up during the menstrual period, hence women are susceptible to pregnancy. Use contraceptives if you don’t have any immediate plans yet.

On the other hand, menstruation doesn’t only release blood but also germs and bacteria. Hence, men are at the risk of transmitting STDs during period sex. So don’t forget to wear your rubber. Now you can enjoy her as always, knowing that you are both safe and protected.


4. Hot and horny

how to have sex while menstruating

Women are actually more sexually aroused during their period because of the hormonal change. If you can take that bloody mess, you’ll have an easier time because you won’t need the usual foreplay. She’ll be hornier and will be all over you even before you unbutton your pants.


5. Lube

menstruation sex

Unknowingly, blood becomes a natural lubricant. So if she’s the one who needs the long foreplay before getting wet, period sex is the perfect opportunity for you try new moves because foreplay is shortened.

It’s the perfect time for your fingers and tongue to go on a day-off from their oil job down there. It’s perfect, especially because it’s bloody.


6. Do it on lean days

sex during menstruation

Since menstruation is a period, there are peak days and lean days. She knows when the days are redder, while you don’t. So while you’re waiting for her cue, keep those trousers up. The waiting game makes it more exciting. The longer the wait, the harder it gets.


7. The Missionary Position

missionary position

Follow the kama sutra and have sex using the missionary position. This is the position where the woman lies on her back while you are on top. While doing the missionary position, place a piece of cloth or towel underneath your partner to avoid getting those stains on your bed.


8. Shower sex

shower sex

When you have sex in the shower, everything gets washed—including the blood. For period sex, this is the cleanest option. And there’s just something so arousing about washing each other’s naked body with soap. Things get more stimulating when the rubbing moves to the private parts.

This fantastic foreplay usually leads to a wet and wild experience that will warrant sequels.


9. Use the back door

anal sex during menstruation

When you cannot enter the front door, try the backdoor. It’s not the holy hole, but it’s still tight and deep. With a little lubricant, it feels like the real thing and even better.

Experimenting with the anal position makes sex on period so sex-citing and stick arousing. It’s a fun position that you can try. Just make sure she’s wearing pads or there’s some cloth underneath her so you can keep it clean.


10. Benefits for her

benefits of period sex

If she is having second thoughts about having sex on her period for whatever reason, tell her that period sex has it benefits. First, it shortens her period because the muscle movement during orgasm also flushes out the blood. Second, period sex minimizes cramps because of the hormonal release during orgasm. With these benefits, it will be easier for you to make her surrender the flag.

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