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Mr. RauRauR | July 16, 2024

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Top 10 Secrets to Better Male Orgasm

Top 10 Secrets to Better Male Orgasm

Forget about her and let’s focus on male orgasm, shall we?

Stronger and long-lasting orgasm is beneficial for you and your partner. Aside from the extreme sensation when you arrive there, your partner will also feel how satisfying she is in bed.

Without further ado, here are 10 tips you must do to achieve your best male orgasm yet.


10. Focus on what you feel.

orgasm men

Unlike women, guys’ brain activity mainly focuses on the somatosensory cortex (part which concentrates on physical sensations). To fully activate this, you must allow her to double her effort in your penis. At the same time, you must focus on the sensation. This will help the brain in activating your genitals for extreme orgasm.


9. Let her play with your G-spot.

G spot of men

It won’t take a kryptonite to weaken a real man. Let your partner touch your G-Spot, allowing you to crave for more sensation. Ask her to give you oral sex to maximize its effect. This will bring you full excitement to penetrate her.


8. Slow down when you’re almost there.

male stimulation

Focusing so much on sensation will make you give up early so make sure to take it slow once you’re about to let it go. Don’t act like an animal, excited to release it all out. Penetrate her slowly without removing your attention to what you feel. When you reach the climax, you will feel stronger orgasm approaching the base of the penis.


7. Breathe deeply and properly.

how to get better orgasms

Controlled breathing will help you last longer during sex. Inhale shallowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth, allowing yourself to relax both physically and psychologically. Proper breathing gives you intense arousal, helping you to experience better orgasm. Rapid breathing, on the other hand, quickly pushes you to the limit.


6. Make it rough.

bondage sex

Bondage sex might sound awful but it sometimes leads to memorable orgasm. Pulling her hair, spanking her ass, and putting your hands around her neck make you feel in control. This allows you to feel that she’s there only to please you (her master). However, make sure that she allows you to do it or else.

5. Don’t masturbate.

masturbation men

Masturbating before sex won’t help you get a better male orgasm. Psychologically, men’s body generates more hormones during sexual intercourse than masturbation. This is due to the satisfaction you only get when penetrating a female genital. Besides, ejaculation prior to sex will only make you weaker with lesser focus on sensation.


4. Contract your muscles.

male orgasm tips

Squeeze your muscles within your pelvic or thigh area and hold it for few seconds before relaxing them again. This will help you get stronger and satisfying orgasm. But be careful not to interrupt your breathing and movement since this will make her wonder what’s going on.


3. Stop and go.

sex tips for men

Who told you that interruption always ends up with unfinished sex? When you know she’s already there, try to pull out your love machine and do something else (chat a little, smoke, or drink wine). This will make her beg for happy ending while allowing your hormones to prepare for bigger explosion. You might even help her get better orgasm too.


2. Do Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises for men

At the lower part of the pelvis, you’ll find the PC (pubococcygeal) muscles that control spasm and peeing. Strengthening these muscles will help you prevent premature ejaculation while improving your orgasm. Tighten these muscles 20 times, thrice daily, to greatly benefit from the exercise.


1. Fantasize.

sexual fantasy men

Try to imagine yourself being in complicated situations while having sex. Imagine that she belongs to another man or she’s just a stranger for one-night-stand (you can fantasize your ideal sex mate too). This will lead to more excitement, allowing you to enjoy stronger orgasm. Just don’t tell her about it and try not to call someone else’s name.


Your Turn

Did our tips help you enjoy a night of lust and fun? Feel free to leave your thoughts on the comments section.

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