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Mr. RauRauR | July 24, 2024

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Sexting Tips For Men: 10 Dirty Ideas That Actually Turn Women On

Sexting Tips For Men: 10 Dirty Ideas That Actually Turn Women On

Sexting is a proven way of turning women on. It is one of the best ways to get her attention, sexually. But if it is incorrectly done, it will turn her off and shut you down. But if she likes the way you sext, she’ll be fantasizing about you in no time.

Here are 10 sexting tips that will surely turn her on:


Power of words

Women they say are hopeless romantics and the ultimate fantasists.   A woman’s imagination works like the author of a romance novel. And as much as they fall in love with those novels, they get easily aroused by imagining sexual scenarios. Remember that words are powerful in romancing women.  Be an author, not of lengthy novels, but of words that will torture the sexual beast in her.


Element of surprise

The proverbial element of surprise doesn’t work here. The golden rule is that you should never surprise a woman with a message out of nowhere. It doesn’t just happen in the middle of the day when you are bored. If you text her at work, she might be too surprised and too busy to get horny. But if you text her at night while she’s on her bed, she’ll have nothing to think about except you and your sexts.


Be specific

Women would question if the sext is really intended for her. Don’t give her the idea that you sent the same message to all the other women in your address book. Let her know that she is the intended recipient of the sext. Especially when you are dating, use pet names, references or mention things that only the two of you know. She will be flattered and moistened when she knows that the sext was really for her and her alone.


Don’t push the envelope

Pay attention to her reply on your first sext. It should give you an idea if she is digging it or not. If she cuts you off, don’t push the envelope. Just like sex, sexting  should be a form of communication between two people (or at least two). It is a two way street and is not fun when only one person is doing it. That would be masturbation using a  cell phone.


Fools rush in

If she takes the bait, the sexting session is now engaged. But don’t rush and go for the homerun. There is no reason to go vulgar immediately. Be sexual but don’t be offensive. Avoid using the c*nt or Pu**y words, she’ll flinch at them. Try to paint a picture for her so she can be creative. The more she uses her imagination, the more she gets turned on.


Be playful

When you are sexting her, try to be playful and funny. Incorporating a little fun and flirt to your seduction technique is also a defense mechanism for you. If she does not give you a positive reply, you can get away with it by saying you were only joking. But if she give a positive reply, she may be ready to play with you.


Praise her physical attributes

Every woman loves attention. She gets into you if you praise and compliment her. Use this to your advantage and tell her how hot she is. Compliment her body and tell her how sexy she is with a certain outfit. If she has nice curves, tell her how they turn. Let her know how much you want to lace up those lovely legs. Praising her physical attributes will blow her mind away. She might want to blow other things later on.


Asking questions

Asking questions is one of the most effective ways to lure a woman to dirty talk. Asking questions will make her play with her mind. But don’t ask her those questions that are answerable by a yes or no. Ask her unusual but naughty questions that will ignite her fire and summon that dirty girl inside her. Examples are: What are you doing right now? What are you wearing right now? What body part turns you on?


Don’t try a selfie

Even if you honestly believe that you are “man enough”, never send her a photo of your package. A woman may not be turned on by seeing it fit in a small four inch screen rather than meeting the tool in person.  She might get offended or she might even just laugh at it . Worse, she might just show it to her friends.


A good ending

A great sexting session should have a good ending. So now that you have this woman hot and humid, it’s time to get out of the phone and get into her bed. Because if the person you’re texting is a woman, she’d want to get laid by now. End your sexting exchanges with plans to meet each other. It’s time to put your words into action.

Cell phone messaging wasn’t only invented for text, it was also meant for sext. So keep those sexts coming, they’ll start her cum-ming.

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