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Mr. RauRauR | July 15, 2024

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The Top 10 Important Sex Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Even if You are Afraid to Ask

The Top 10 Important Sex Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Even if You are Afraid to Ask

Sex is often a very sensitive topic just because some people have a hard time talking about it. While some couples have no problem sharing their feeling with one another, most on the other hand just keep their thoughts to themselves. This is where the problem comes in. If you do not open up or ask questions to your girlfriend, how will you know what she wants and vice versa? No matter how uncomfortable it may seem to be at first, asking about sex is healthy for the relationship. Unless you are a mind reader and you fancy yourself somewhat of an expert, here are some sex questions to ask your girlfriend.

10. Do NOT be direct to the point10 Do NOT be direct to the point

Before you get too hopped up and go for the “finer” details, you need to be reminded that most women do not simply respond immediately to a flurry of questions about sex. You need to warm them up to the idea first by engaging in stimulating topics first before moving to that chapter in the conversation. For instance, you can say you came across an article on romantic ideas before asking her about sex. So how do you add it to the conversation? More importantly, what question should you ask first? This depends on the personality of your woman, actually. If she is the easygoing type you can just feel comfortable and ask away. On the other hand, if she’s the prudish type, then you need to ask one question and wait for her to answer first because she might not even choose to respond at all.

9. Does she like having sex with you?9Does she like having sex with you

The first thing you should ask your girlfriend about sex, assuming you have had relations with her is to find out how she likes it so far. It may be uncomfortable for her to answer but assure her that you only ask because you aim to please. So guys, if your women say something that can hurt your ego do not be offended by it. We all can’t be the sex experts we fancy ourselves to be. Do not flat out ask her if she enjoys having sex with you because that can only lead to one of two things: she either does not want to hurt your ego and just answer “yes” or she could get offended by it.

8. Make it so that you only want her to be happy8Make it so that you only want her to be happy

What you want to do is ask her if she’s happy. Yes, that is the trick. By placing her happiness above yours, you can get the answers you need. Ask her if everything is going great and if there is something you can improve on, tell her to tell you. That way, you can have an open line of communication. In return, she can also ask you what you think she can improve on as well and that is where you give her suggestions too.

7. Fantasy and role-playing – is she up for it?

7Fantasy and role-playing – is she up for itNow on to the more detailed questions that are definitely not the first things that come into mind when it comes to sex, you should also ask your girlfriend about any fantasies that she may have. Contrary to your own belief, women are as imaginative as men or even more so. Women have fantasies, too. If you have a Han Solo – Princess Leia fantasy you are wishing to play out, your girlfriend could be thinking about bondage right now.

6. Ask nicely, and never forget that

6Ask nicely, and never forget thatSo how do you know what she would want? Just ask nicely. You can ask her to tell you what her fantasies are and there would be no judgement. Again, you only aim to please. If she is comfortable enough with you she will be able to share her deepest, darkest fantasies and you might be in for a treat!

5. Warm her up to certain ideas first

5Warm her up to certain ideas firstIf there is something very sensitive that you would like to ask her especially regarding something you would really like to try, you should warm her up to the idea first. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to ask her to try something in the bedroom do not coax her into it as she will definitely reject it. Women aren’t built like that, you know? You have to ask her first if she is open to the idea and what are the measures you can take to make her feel comfortable with it. If she’s not, move on.

4. Does she like it with lights on?

4Does she like it with lights on
Believe it or not, some women have preferences regarding this matter. Some feel more comfortable with the lights closed and feel at ease this way. Make sure that you ask your girlfriend about this matter to ensure that she has a great time as well.

3. Is she comfortable with her body?

3Is she comfortable with her bodyAlthough this may be an awkward question, some women have self-image issues and may not feel comfortable being naked especially in front of you. You can tell her that she can do whatever she likes to be more at ease, which is related to why lighting is also a very big deal.

2. Ask if she enjoys oral sex

2Ask if she enjoys oral sexThis is another awkward topic but important to ask nevertheless. While some do enjoy it more than others, there are those who feel that oral sex is more of an obligation rather than an enjoyable act. Ask her about it and make sure to keep an open mind whatever the answer is.

1. Frequency of copulation

1Frequency of copulationSure, you can just play things by ear and just live in the moment as to whether it will happen or not. However, since you are in a relationship, it would be better to ask your girlfriend if she likes to do it a lot or not. There is no worse feeling than being rejected when you make advances so you will need to adjust if ever she gives you an answer that you do not like.

The sex questions to ask your girlfriend are important especially during the beginning stages of a relationship. Apply everything you have learned and make sure that you take into consideration everything that your girlfriend will say to you.

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