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Mr. RauRauR | June 20, 2024

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Top 10 First Date Topics You Need to Cover and Use to Your Advantage

Top 10 First Date Topics You Need to Cover and Use to Your Advantage

There are two types of people in this world: those who can stir up a conversation out of thin air and those that are stumped all of the time. Needless to say, those that can converse and think of topics are often the life of the party or dates. On the other hand, those that lack the skills are awkward and can appear to be boring even if that is not really the case. First date topics need to be planned in advance for the night to go smoothly and for your benefit, of course.

10. The First Date is the Hardest10The First Date is the Hardest

For dating, the first date is usually where the couple tries to get to know each other and in order for that to happen, a lot of things need to be talked about. Truth be told, the first date is often the hardest because you are just trying to figure out what the woman is all about, especially if you were set up on a blind date.

9. The Background Check9The Background Check

The first topic of conversation on a first date that you should ask your partner is her background. Not in way that you are interrogating her, but more of just being interested with her past and current interests.

8. Ask About Her Job8Ask About Her Job

You could start off light by asking her what she does for a living and how she got into it. Usually, that question is a great icebreaker unless your date really hates her job. Assuming that this is a perfect scenario, she will be talking about her work and how she came into having it which is a great conversation piece. If she is interested in you, she will ask the same question.

7. Family Matters7Family Matters

Another topic you could get into is her family background, like where she grew up and went to school or if she has any siblings. This is another great conversation piece as it will give you a little more insight about her past. Plus, she might have a lot of stories to tell you about how she grew up and you could also divulge information about yours as well. There is no better time-waster than talking about one’s family history.

6. Nothing Too Serious6Nothing Too Serious

This kind of conversation should only be done in the future and not during the first time you go out where you are just trying to get to know each other a little better. Even if you think she will enjoy this type of topic, reserve it for a future date because you might not know how this topic will affect the mood during the entirety of the night. Just keep it simple and light as much as possible.

5. Keep Politics and Religion Out of It5Keep Politics and Religion Out of It

Again, one thing you should avoid talking about during a first date is those topics that tend to be on the very serious side, unless your partner is the type of person who loves to do that. For instance, avoid talking about politics or political preferences during the first date as much as possible. Besides being a huge mood killer, you could both have differences in opinions and this could lead to awkwardness throughout the night.

4. Ask Her What She Likes to Do for Fun4Ask Her What She Likes to Do for Fun

Another topic you could get into during your first date is where you usually hang out to have a good time. Regardless of what it could be, it is another interesting topic that will give you a tad more information about your date. She could tell you that she like going to bars and have a few drinks with friends on the weekends and you could tell her that you on the other hand would rather spend time with your family from out of town. This will lead to other interesting sub points that are related to the topic which will definitely extend the number of minutes you are talking to each other. Ergo, the less time there will be for awkward silence which is what you need to avoid at all costs.

3. Dating History3Dating History

If you are comfortable enough to ask her about it, you can slowly get to the part in asking her why she is single. People have stories to tell and so does your date. Just make sure you listen to what she has to say and let it sink in.

2. Ask About the Current Situation2Ask About the Current Situation

Finally, you could also veer the conversation about the two of you and talk about the date itself. You can talk about why you asked her out, why you like her and if it would be possible for you to ask her out in the future. This portion should be reserved during the later hours of the date when you have talked about each other a bit. There is no sense in fluffing up the date when you know absolutely nothing about her yet.

1. Life Goals1Life Goals

While this is a somewhat serious topic, asking about life goals can be considered a valid first date question. Again, your date might take this as a sign that you are a viable mate and tell you what she plans to do with her life.
You can never run out of first date topics as long as you come into the situation prepared. Dating is war, and war is hell. Being prepared is the first key in becoming successful.

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