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Mr. RauRauR | July 19, 2024

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Top 10 Awesome Tips on How to Hit on Girls the Right Way

Top 10 Awesome Tips on How to Hit on Girls the Right Way

This is the age-old question that every shy man asks. How to hit on girls the right way is as complex as how the Hadron Collider works. It’s impossible to figure out. However, there are certain methods you can use that have been tried and proven effective over time. With the right timing and execution, you can hit on girls and they will respond to you favorably. On the other hand, going in without having a plan will surely make you spend those cold winter night alone for the rest of your days. Here are some of the top methods on catching a girl’s attention the right way.

10. Be Cool10. Be Cool

One thing that women hate the most when you approach them is when you are too eager to have a conversation and catch their attention. Act chill and just keep your words short, so that there is a little mystery to you. For instance, given the chance you approached a woman in a bar and she starts talking to you, don’t say 300 words in under a minute and neither should you ask too many questions. Just ask her what she wants to drink and let her do the talking.

9. Girls Respond to Their Interests9. Girls Respond to Their Interests

So you’re in a library and you spot a girl that you like and she’s reading a literary piece. The best way to strike up a conversation is to ask her if she is a fan of the author and let her explain. Don’t ask idiotic questions like “Hey baby, come here often?”

8. Clean Up Nicely8. Clean Up Nicely

You wouldn’t approach a girl looking like you just came from a trailer park on a hot summer day. Dress up and wear something that will make you attractive in their eyes. In the same way, you wouldn’t respond to a girl’s advances if she was wearing a t-shirt with a cat’s picture without having showered that day. Appearances are important for first impressions.

7. Keep Your Cheesy Lines in Your Head7. Keep Your Cheesy Lines in Your Head

Pick-up lines never work, plain and simple. Unless the girl you are hitting on gets that you are saying it sarcastically and she gets your humour, do not deliver any pick-up line. Introduce yourself like a normal person and the chances of her responding are way better than any pick-up line.

6. Be Confident6. Be Confident

Another thing that girls hate a lot is the lack of confidence when you approach them. Sure, there are a select few that likes shy guys but the odds of you finding an ideal situation like that is one in a million. So, you’d better cough up that machismo and feel like you’re a million bucks. Be confident, smile and act like you own the room without being arrogant.

5. Learn As You Go Along5. Learn As You Go Along

Hitting on girls is like adapting to your environment. Not every woman is the same and you have to adjust your moves depending on what her personality is. For instance, if she likes to talk a lot, then you better listen. On the other hand if she is the complete opposite, then you need to ask questions for her to answer to show that you are interested. Adapt to who you’re with for that night and you are guaranteed satisfactory results.

4. Know When to Pull the Stops4. Know When to Pull the Stops

There is nothing worse than not knowing when to call it a night. When you are talking to a girl, figure out if she’s still interested in talking to you or she’s just there because she doesn’t want to be rude. Leave her hanging and wanting for more. Even if you’re dying to talk to her more, leave on a high note.

3. Go for the Friend3. Go for the Friend

One sort of proven way to catch the attention of a really pretty girl is to ignore her if she’s in a group of women. This type of girl knows that she will be hit on a lot, so not going for her initially might give her a challenge for your attention. Try striking up a conversation with her friend and when you get introduced to the one you like, just be civil and go back talking to the friend. Sooner or later, she will be trying to get your attention.

2. Try the Dog Park2. Try the Dog Park

This will work if you actually own a dog. A lot of women go to dog parks on occasion and it is the perfect opportunity to hit on girls there. Bring your pet with you and strike up a conversation with someone to talk about pets. Sooner or later, you can ask her for coffee or dinner and talk about your similar interests.

1. Make Her Laugh1 Make Her Laugh

Regardless of how well your initial approach is, the best way to get to a woman is to make her laugh. A well-timed joke or a funny sarcastic remark about something that makes her laugh will surely get you in the girl’s good graces. On a side note, if a girl that laughs at your jokes touches or taps you while she does it, her body language is telling you that she actually likes you.

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