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Mr. RauRauR | July 15, 2024

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Top 10 Reasons Why White Tiger Tantra DVDs Can Spice up Your Sex Life

Top 10 Reasons Why White Tiger Tantra DVDs Can Spice up Your Sex Life

It’s easy to say that you are the master of sex, but it’s hard to face that maybe, you and your partner might not be as open as you want to. You see, unless you have the libido of Gene Simmons, or the skills of Sinatra, there’s a huge chance that you may not be as pleasing as you think. The key here is that sometimes you’ll have to be honest and simply ask your partner if there’s anything more you can do to please them. Sex is after all a huge factor that is constantly in play when it comes to love. At the same time, spicing it up in the bedroom can also help relationships that seem to be a little stagnant. So with that in mind, here are some of the best reasons why White Tiger Tantra, along with other tips and tricks, can help you spice up that sex life.

10. It helps you admit you might be a little lacking10. It helps you admit you might be a little lacking

Let’s face it, no one can be the perfect lover as there’s not such thing as just one side to sex. The thing about sex is that it always has to be a two way street, much like the relationship itself. If you can admit that you’re a little lacking in some departments, like in passion, or in more intimate situations, then that can be the start of how the DVD can help you.

9. It opens up so much more in a relationshipPhotoSpin
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While it’s nice to think that the ten minutes you spend making love is the best experience your lover will have, chances are, one or the other party might remain a little dissatisfied. Many people have pointed out that the journey is more important than the destination, and for this situation that matters more than you think. There’s a certain sense of disillusionment when you start to open up, but the rewards are far better than you can imagine because you learn how to explore your options.

8. The simplest solution does not equate into the most satisfying one8. The simplest solution does not equate into the most satisfying one

Recently, in mainstream media, there’s been a stigma that has arisen from a lot of shows. The stigma is simply that sometimes, men cannot satisfy their women in a way that is great for both of them. Well, the honest truth to this is that sometimes, during fornication, the simplest solutions often win out. Instead of making foreplay last, a few minutes of massages and maybe bit of head is the go to protocol. Watching the Tantra DVD won’t solve all your hang ups, but it does help you create an idea on what could be the most pleasing situations for the both of you.

7. It’s totally okay to admit that you might not know what you’re doing7. It's totally okay to admit that you might not know what you're doing

Okay, another brutal fact is that when you’re young, you tend to imagine that you know absolutely everything there is to know about sex. Of course, it’s totally okay to reexamine just what you’ve been doing and start questioning whether or not you’re doing something right. If you have no idea whether or not you’re a good lover, maybe it’s time to start looking up articles and other DVDs.

6. Teaches you how to learn6. Teaches you how to learn

Okay, so learning kind of sucks, but the trick is that when you’re interested in the subject then learning becomes easier. Beyond the tips and tricks within the DVD, there are some very valuable lessons to be gleaned, one being how to learn about her body. Of course, that sounds a bit too new age-y, but the that’s the truth. A woman can have a ton of ‘turn-on’ spots and learning more about them can teach you to become such a better lover.

5. You’ll keep these tricks forever5. You'll keep these tricks forever

So let’s say that in the long run, you and your lover might end things. It’s totally okay because that’s just the way relationships work sometimes. The thing that benefits you when you learn from this DVD and from other sources is that the tricks you learn will stick with you. Of course, women differ and have different wants, but having that decent foundation is a great way to impress a new partner.

4. It spices up your relationship4. It spices up your relationship

No matter how satisfying sex is at times, there comes a period when some of your stuff gets stale. This isn’t to say this is all your fault though, because men can get bored of the same style of sex over and over again. Learning from this DVD or from other sources can help you and your lover get out of that rut as a team. If you have to take initiative, then so be it because someone has to and eventually your partner will take your lead.

3. It makes sex even more fun3. It makes sex even more fun

Sex by default is already very fun, but if you start thinking of it as a form of sport, where you have to learn how to think on your feet, then you add on more layers of fun. There’s still the grand aim of scoring (pun intended) but the game is meant to played with strategy which can be more satisfying.

2. It can revive a relationship that seems dead2. It can revive a relationship that seems dead

While there is such a thing as a rut, there are also relationships that seem like they’re dying. These problems usually involve lack of communication, a general apathy, and maybe even distance that splits lovers apart. This is no longer a rut; it’s what happens when you wallow in the rut for too long. Chances are, when a relationship hits this point, there are more issues than just sex, but it can be a great place to start.

1. These kinds of DVDs might spark a new passion1. These kinds of DVDs might spark a new passion

There’s more to passion than the kind that grows between two partners. Passion can be applied to a career, a hobby, or maybe even for eating. So understand that when passion is mentioned, it isn’t just about the passion between you two. Instead, you can learn and maybe even grow passion for love making and pleasure which is a tool you can use to become that better lover you want to be. Of course, this DVD won’t solve all of your sexual hang ups, but nothing ever will until you can admit that you want to get rid of them. Why not start from here then?

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