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Mr. RauRauR | June 20, 2024

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Top 10 Effective Tips To Attract The Sexiest Women

Top 10 Effective Tips To Attract The Sexiest Women

Attracting the sexiest women requires a different approach because these women are physical royalties. These women are so bodily attractive that they get all the attention of every male being in this planet. So how does one man, apart from a gazillion others, get the attraction of these curvaceous goddesses?

Here are 10 effective tips to attract the sexiest women:


Look Good

Only a handful of women were born with the right curves. Most of them earn it. This just shows that sexy women put a premium on looks because they try to look better than the ordinary girl. So in order for these women to notice you right off the bat, you should look good.

Looking good is not the same as good looking. Your aim here is to dress smart and smell good. If you look good, she’ll see you. If you smell good, she may want to smell you all night.


Go on a streak

Sexy women are competitive because they work hard on their bodies. Bring out that competitive side of her by going on a dating streak. Go date a lot of women, one after the other and as many as you can. Aside from getting valuable dating experience, a sexy woman will notice this. When a sexy woman knows that you have this mean streak, she’ll always find you as an irresistible challenge. Hence she will crave for you like a man candy.


Don’t reveal  all your cards

When you’ve just met a sexy woman, create anticipation by not revealing your entire life story to her. It would be best if you cut off the best parts for her to find out.

Sexy women are confident about themselves, and confident that they will get everything they need to know from anybody. But when you hold something back, you’re holding one card against her.

Sparks of attraction will fly because  she’ll move heaven and earth  to determine if you’re holding up an ace at the back of that card.


Be a chivalrous knight

If a woman is sexy, she’ll always get stare-stripped by male perverts everywhere she goes. Although sexy women love attraction, they don’t like being ogled at. Much worse, they don’t like to be treated as sex objects. So separate yourself from these jerks by being a gentleman.

Simple chivalrous acts like opening the door for her or pulling out the chair will make you standout. Even a modern hot and sexy babe would fall for an old fashioned knight in a shining armor.


Be a leader

Sexy women don’t like weak and indecisive men. These women are attracted to men who have the qualities of a leader. They like men who take control of any situation and know exactly what to do with them.  They covet men who decide on their own and who don’t need the approval of other people to make decisions. The key word here is control, because these women believe that power and control are sexy.


Sexy from the inside out

Sexy women get all the attention because of their looks.  She becomes a simple object of attraction for men and a life sized trophy that they want to take home and take to bed. Talking about their lives and hobbies are the last thing most men want to hear from her. So if you channel you conversations along those avenues and make her feel sexy from inside out, you will enchant her.


Let her work for it

Because she’s hot, you’d be willing to do anything for her. That is alright, but don’t overdo it to the point where she no longer appreciates you because you’re too easy for her.

Sexy women don’t value what they didn’t work hard for. So make her earn it. Ask her to help you out with small favors. She’ll find value when she starts to put some work on it.  The more she works for it, the more she’ll want it- especially sex.


Don’t bed her yet

Sure, she’s sexy and hot and you want to load her up right away. But don’t go for the home run. Every other man out there does. And that’s why most of them fail to attract the sexiest women out there.

Don’t look at her like a sex toy, even if she really looks like one. Pretend that it’s not sex that you want, even if you’re dying to ride her. She’ll fancy you for that.


Creating space

Because she is sexy, you want to spend every second of your existence looking at that figure. For one thing, every other man has his sights set on her too and taking your eyes off her could be the difference between a win and a loss. But that is not the case.

Give her space, especially if she asks for it. But even if she doesn’t, do it yourself so you won’t be too predictable. Remember the law of economics: less supply means more demand.


Stop the chase

Sometimes our hunt for the sexiest women looks as determined as a police chase. And once these women don’t return  calls or reply to text messages, men are so upset and are even devastated. But then what can you do? She’s hot and sexy so she plays hard to get because there are more men on her tail.

So stop the chase if these women flake you. Don’t worry about it and just move on. Funny things happen when you move on: You can either find other sexier women or she might just miss you and give you a call sometime.

These women may indeed be royalty. But they are not heavenly. And if they’re just voluptuously earthly, they’re within your reach.

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