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Mr. RauRauR | June 14, 2024

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Top 10 All-Natural Suggestions on How to Produce More Sperm

Top 10 All-Natural Suggestions on How to Produce More Sperm

If you are planning to improve on both the quality and the quantity of the sperm that you produce here are critical factors to consider. There are factors beyond anyone’s control that affect the quality of the ejaculate, such as age and genetics. But, if you are already following your doctor’s advice and leading a healthy lifestyle, there are things that you can do that would contribute to a higher sperm volume. Men who are conscious about the amount of semen that they produce should pay attention to the suggestions on how to produce more sperm that we present here. Here are some recommendations that health professionals (and other men) swear by.

10. Exercise your PC muscle regularly

10 Exercise your PC muscle regularly

The pubococcygeus (PC) muscle have benefits beyond better ejaculation. The PC muscle forms a hammock that joins the pubic bone in front and the bottom end of the spine to the back, forming the floor of the pelvic cavity. To exercise this particular muscle, pretend as if you are holding the flow of urine and hold that movement for 3 seconds and repeat 20 times, 3 times a day, every other day. The exercises can be progressed in intensity as the muscle becomes strengthened. These exercises also help men with conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and urinary and fecal incontinence.

9. Abstain from sex for a couple of days

9 Abstain from sex for a couple of days

No matter how much you want to, better control the urge. If you are intent on producing more sperm and increasing your progeny some more, you have to abstain from having sex for at most a couple of days. Aren’t you thankful that you only have to abstain for two days?

8. Keep cool

8 Keep cool

Some recommend cold showers. But the general idea is to keep away from warm environments. If you want to increase the volume of your sperm, you would do well to keep away from saunas, sizzling jacuzzis, and hot tubs. (We didn’t say it would be easy, did we?)

7. Wear boxer shorts, not briefs

7 Wear boxer shorts, not briefsNo, there are no scientific studies concluding that briefs cause lower semen volumes. But men all over swear by it. It must be the additional ventilation. Keeping the scrotum cool guarantees a boost in sperm production.

6. Watch your weight

6 Watch your weight

Studies have revealed that sperm count decreases when a person becomes overweight. This is not a generalization, but just the same it is advisable that you maintain a weight that is appropriate for your height and age.

5. Acupuncture

5 Acupuncture

Find a licensed practitioner of alternative medicine or an expert acupuncturist. He or she will know what to do. Alternative medicine experts vouch for the benefits of acupuncture in increasing the sperm count amongst males.

4. Watch what you eat

4 Watch what you eat

Eat foods rich in Vitamin E (greens, nuts, oils), Vitamin C (citrus fruits, peppers, tomatoes), Folate, Zinc (dairy, meats, seafood) and food rich in antioxidants. Here’s an interesting finding. Celery contains androsterone and is known to improve libido. Oysters have dopamine, zinc and Omega-3, which increases production of sperm. Pumpkin seeds, sardines, and nuts also have Omega-3

3. Stock up on walnuts

3 Stock up on walnuts

Walnuts increased the sperm motility in a study involving a group of virile healthy men. Try 75 grams per day for three months. This is a finding from a non-duplicated study conducted by UCLA. But, what’s the harm in trying, right? Just make sure you do not have nut allergy.

2. Basic essentials to avoid

2 Basic essentials to avoid

Avoid junk food, foods rich in caffeine and mercury and refrain from ingesting alcoholic drinks as well. If you really want to improve on one aspect of your life, necessary sacrifices have to be made on others. Men ought to realize that to produce healthy sperm, the tricks and the tips are often not enough if your overall health is compromised.

1. We dare you to try Epimedium

1 We dare you to try Epimedium

If all else fails, eat Horny Goat Weed plant. Yes, that’s what it is called. You won’t have to plant it on a pot or your own backyard and then pick a few leaves and much at them. Extracts are available from Traditional Chinese medicine shops. This plant is a potent aphrodisiac known in the Far East as a restorer of sexual desire. The plants uses include improving erectile function and increasing sexual stamina. Many couples guarantee good results. If this works, you might not have to add an exercise regimen, modify your diet, or implement changes in your daily life.


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