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Mr. RauRauR | May 30, 2024

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Top 10 Weight Lifting Music That Will Keep Your Workout Going

Top 10 Weight Lifting Music That Will Keep Your Workout Going

Why is it important to play the right music while working out? You might think that it’s just the groove and the vibe that you get, but there is a proper science behind weight lifting music. It turns out that the tempo of the tune that you listen to while you work out is critical in determining your performance. They even have a scientific term for it. Scientists call any music that keeps your workout going an “ergogenic aid,” defined as an “external influence that affects physiological performance in a positive manner.” Scientists have actually studied it all. And so, it’s not just for motivation that you need to choose the music that’s playing while you do your work out. Since music also serves to enhance performance, you might want to check out the 10 tracks that we have listed below. We’ve thrown in a good mix, a few classics, and some obscure tracks that might surprise you in a good way. And no, “Gangnam Style” is not on the list.

10. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

10 Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

You might have read somewhere else that “Eye of the Tiger” had been overplayed and that it ought to be laid to rest. But, the now immortal theme from Rocky III, is for many the ultimate work-out song of all time. To the cynics, have you tried working out while it’s playing? It’s not just the uplifting lyrics that make this tune a true classic and all-time favorite. It’s very upbeat tempo and consistent rhythm helps push you through one bout after another. And if Rocky jammed to it, so can you.

9. My Chick Bad -Ludacris feat (Nikki Minaj)

9 My Chick Bad -Ludacris feat (Nikki Minaj)

Ludacris must be lifting something heavy when he wrote this track because it sounds perfect for heavy lifting. This totally bad ass track would be appreciated by anyone in the gym even if they don’t dig hip hop.

8. Loser (Beck)8 Loser (Beck)

“I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?” It doesn’t matter if most people did not understand the line before that. “Loser” was a hit. People looked up “Soy un perdedor” eventually and liked the song even more after knowing what that means. It’s not as bad-ass as the other songs we recommend here, but for someone looking for a motivation to stick to the exercise regimen and see it through to the end, there’s probably no better pep talk. And the tempo that scientists are talking about is very well established in this one, too.

7. Beat It (Michael Jackson)

7 Beat It (Michael Jackson)

A dance tune from the 80s? Before you bail out on our list, give the song a chance. Who doesn’t know this track? If you were born after this was a huge it, or if you’re an 80s kid and haven’t listened to it in years, it’s probably high time that you give it a listen again. The beat of “Beat It” is ideal for rhythmic work in the gym. You probably won’t care much that it’s a Grammy winning track and that it’s even listed in the 500 Best Guitar Songs of All Time, but you’d have to admit after the first refrain that Michael’s pipes, that trademark bass line, and Eddie Van Halen’s guitar make for a winning work out combination.

6. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)

6 Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)

The bass line is consistent all throughout the track, the bass drum is also right there where you expect it to be. The rhythm section is real tight and that’s what makes this track a great work-out tune. Those whose main criterion is tempo will not find anything better.

5. Bullet in the Head (Rage Against the Machine)

5 Bullet in the Head (Rage Against the Machine)

The bass intro and the first few stanzas would get you in the workout groove early on, especially with the razor sharp riffs that Tom Morello chose to greet you with. The beat and the rapping is steady enough to give you a consistent exercise rhythm, but those sudden bursts of electric guitar that sounds like somebody is sharpening something gritty and mean will keep you alert for sure. And toward the end, you’d get your second wind when the whole band lets it go after a rather demanding build-up. You could also go for “Bulls on Parade” and you’ll get the same encouragement. Rage Against the Machine was pretty consistent in turning out quality material.

4. Survival (Muse)

4 Survival (Muse)We included the 2012 London Olympics theme from Muse, and why not? This would appeal to those looking for something that is not as heavy as hip hop tracks with bad ass lower registers, or do not require the solid rhythm section of hard rock and heavy metal. There’s still enough guitar work and motivational screaming to keep you going. And that consistent vocal chanting would no doubt egg you into doing one more repetition even if you feel you’re almost done.

3. Schism (Tool)

3 Schism (Tool)The lyrics are bad ass already, but it’s the persistent rhythm that would get you going. Paying attention to the lyrics might even distract you from the task at hand that requires not much brain activity. Tool has a tendency to challenge your vocabulary: “Mildewed and smoldering, fundamental differing. Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion.” The whole album kicks ass, but you don’t need to go have an education on progressive rock, right? You just want to work out, so stick with “Schism” for now. The build up to the refrain is one heck of build-up. The pieces fit, alright.

2. Enter, Sandman (Metallica)

2 Enter, Sandman (Metallica)

Wherever Never Never-Land is, a whole generation wanted to get there. And even now that we’re in the 21st century, the appeal of this particular track is universal. If you’ve ever been inside a gym when this track starts playing, you must have felt the boost in energy levels.

1. Till I Collapse (Eminem)

1 Till I Collapse (Eminem)And when you feel absolutely tired, you probably could use Eminem. Listen to him chide you with, “And just pull that shit out of you and get that motivation to not give up; And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse.” What do you do? You do one more rep and man it up.
“Yo left, yo left, yo left right left
Yo left, yo left, yo left right left
Yo left, yo left, yo left right left
Yo left, yo left, yo left right left.”

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