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Mr. RauRauR | June 3, 2024

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Top 10 Arm Exercises Without Weights for Toned and Sculpted Upper Arms

Top 10 Arm Exercises Without Weights for Toned and Sculpted Upper Arms

Even Jeremy Renner (Bourne Legacy, The Avengers) sweated it out in order to have arms that women swoon over. But, can you have toned and shapely arms just by doing arm exercises without weights? There’s only one way to find out. It’s time to do the following exercises. In a month’s time, you’ll see whether or not your biceps, triceps, and deltoids, the muscles that define the shape of your upper arms, are taking on that sculpted look. One reminder, though. Though these exercises do not involve weights, you still need to do a 5- to 10-minute warm-up in order to prepare your body for the workout. And make sure you throw in a few slow stretches to your biceps and triceps while you’re at it.

10. Ball Toss10 Ball Toss

Doing ball tosses benefit the triceps muscles which form most of the back and side of your upper arms. You may do ball tosses while standing out of doors, but in order for you to perform more repetitions, it helps to stabilize your body. The best way to do this exercise is to lie down with your knees bent, the whole back supported and both feet planted on the floor. You can use a medicine ball for the additional weight that will act as resistance and aid in furthers strengthening your arms. You start by hold the ball at chest level and then straighten both your arms as you throw the ball upwards.

9. Arm circles9 Arm circles

Arm circles benefit the muscles of the upper arms and the shoulders namely the bicep, triceps, and deltoid muscles. This exercise is done standing up with both feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms fully to the side in full abduction, at a 90-degree angle from your body. Move both arms simultaneously in small circles, moving fast as you go and pull in tight your abdominal muscles as you do so. After doing as many rotations as you can in one direction, you can rotate your arms towards the opposite direction. You start clockwise or counterclockwise, but it’s entirely your choice. Do the exercise two or three more times. This may also be done sitting on a chair with upright posture and both feet flat on the ground.

8. Triceps dip8 Triceps dip

This exercise is pretty straightforward. The first thing you do is sit on the edge of a stable chair. And then, stretch both legs in front of you. With both hands planted firmly on the seat of the chair, move your body forward over the edge using your arms and legs as anchor. What you have to do is move your body up and down with your arms. If you have no idea where your triceps are actually located, this exercise will tell you exactly where they are.

7. Biceps Curls7 Biceps Curls

This is a rather popular exercise that can be performed in any position, but the effects are most effective if you are not using any weights when it is done sitting or standing. The proper position for the exercise is with the arms and elbows aligned and kept close to the body. Do biceps curls with your fists clenched and move both arm together.

6. Inverted rows6  Inverted rows

This exercise is done while lying down. At home, you can lie under stable furniture. Outdoors, you can use sturdy playground equipment. Make sure your grip is secure and then pull your whole body up. The key to this exercise is to hold the position for a few seconds before lowering your body back down.

5. Military-Style Push Ups5 Military-Style Push Ups

Military style push-ups are helpful in toning the arms and the shoulders as well. This type of push up requires the smallest portion of your body on the floor. All you need to place in contact with the floor are the tips of your toes and the palms of your hands. Given these very requirements, a military-style push up is essentially a full body work-out in many respects. The proper way to do it is by bending the elbows while the shoulder blades and abdominal muscles are pulled it tight together. Make sure to focus on pushing your whole body using your arms and chest, and maintain proper alignment of the whole body.

4. Downward dog push-ups4 Downward dog push-ups

This particular type of push-up involves a Sun Salutation yoga pose. It’s not very complicated to do, but it could be hard to maintain. With both hands and feet on the ground, form an inverted triangle with your body with the apex formed by your pelvis. You back should be straight as it forms one side of the V-shape while your straightened legs form the other. It’s still okay if you need to bend your knees a bit. What you need to do is push your weight backward using your arms and while doing so, make sure that your back remains straight as a rod.

3. Pull-ups3 Pull-ups

Pull-ups are arm exercises that use the weight of your whole body in order to strengthen and sculpt your arms. If the horizontal bar that you will use to hang from is located way beyond your reach, you can use furniture to get there, or you can ask a friend to hoist you up. The bar must be located at a considerable height to allow you to pull your whole body up and down without your feet touching the ground. Make sure your hands are shoulder-width apart on the bars. And when you raise your body upwards, do so until your chin is at or over the level of the bars.

2. Handstands and headstands2 Handstands and headstands

Headstands and handstands may seem easy, but if you do it long enough, and away from the wall, you’d realize it’s a legitimate workout for your arms. You can always start doing headstands and handstands against a wall, and then work your further and out as you gain strength. In order to maintain balance in this very challenging position, tuck in your belly. This is one exercise that requires not just arm strength but core stability as well.

1. Plank1 Plank

This is another yoga pose, a component of the Sun salutation sequence. Before you dismiss this one as easy, try to sustain it first with your body in proper alignment. You’ll feel the work-out immediately. This position is similar to a push up, yet different. The main challenge is for you to maintain the position for at least 30 seconds. The advantage of this exercise is that while it tones and strengthens the arms, the work-out extends to the rest of the body. Your back should be straight as a razor, your head aligned with your spine, and your wrists directly under the shoulders.

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