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Mr. RauRauR | May 25, 2024

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Top 10 Suggestions on How to Make Sex Last Longer Without Resorting to the Exotic

Top 10 Suggestions on How to Make Sex Last Longer Without Resorting to the Exotic

Couples who are keen on finding ways on how to make sex last longer ought to pay attention to what we have to say here. We have gathered together suggestions, recommendations, and advice that sources say are guaranteed to prolong sexual pleasure. Rest assured that these are very doable recommendations and you won’t need to enroll in Tantric meditation classes to be able to make them work.

10. Seek medical attention10 Seek medical attention

Before we move on to the more creative suggestions, we want to highlight the reality that existing medical attention such as erectile dysfunction needs to be addressed first. Those who want to optimize their sex life and yet to do not seek medical treatment would just experience frustration. No matter what technique or advice a couple tries out, nothing would work if one or both of them have an untreated medical condition. See your doctor and do what you have to do. And then you can move on to other concerns.

9. Work on the foreplay9 Work on the foreplay

If you want you and your partner to share in the pleasure for an extended period of time, then you can start by prolonging the foreplay in order to build up the excitement. Many women appreciate it when men make the effort to please them before getting into the act. The sexual act itself could be over too fast and giving each other pleasure during an foreplay would make the whole sexual encounter last longer.

8. Learn to keep it in check8 Learn to keep it in check

Some men can’t hold it back. Men ought to work on controlling their ejaculation (do whatever means is necessary) because women don’t get off as fast. In order to prolong pleasure in bed for both, men ought to practice holding back. They say breathing out through the mouth while on the verge helps. But you have to try it out to see if it works for you. Men who experience premature ejaculation (PE) might also need to consider seeking help from a sex therapist or sexologist who will be able to provide proper advice.

7. Exercise7 Exercise

Unfortunately for some men, their stamina is not as high as their sexual drive. If you often feel as if you’re just about to give out and you’re not even halfway through foreplay, you’d better seriously consider hitting the gym. When you are fatigued, you body could tense with the effort as you go about the sex act. The tension will affect your ability to give your partner pleasure. And if you really want to give your partner unforgettable sexual experiences, do Kegel exercise. All you have to do is contract and relax the muscles around the pelvis regularly so that they are strengthened. Kegel exercises are known to give men better erections and increased control of their ejaculations.

6. Talk about sex6 Talk about sex

When there are incidents and frustrating events related to your sex life, it is best to talk about it. It becomes difficult for both of you when the two of you are not in sync during the sexual act. Men are more vocal about their preferences in position and techniques, but women should also be forthcoming in what they like. If you want sex to last longer every time, you’d better tell your partner about it. He or she might be cutting it short because there’s no clear understanding of what you both want. You can agree on the pace that makes the act (and the pleasure) last longer for you both.

5. Take control5 Take control

For sex act to last for as long as possible, one of the key factors is early ejaculation. To take better control and hold back, the couple should work on a few parameters: wild sex has its pluses, but the aggressive energy cannot be sustained for long. It’s all over too soon. If both of you tend to lose control, you can work out on having a calmer and slower sexual experience together. Here’s a useful tip for those who tend to lose control early in the act. Stay on top. In that way, you can dictate the pace and make the pleasures of sex last so much longer.

4. Look around you4 Look around you

If you do the act in an environment that turns you on too much, then it would be hard to take control of the pace. When you and your partner are setting aside time for an all-nighter, choose a place where you are comfortable and where you don’t get off that easy.

3. Try new things3 Try new things

If you and your partner are adventurous in your sex life, there’s no trouble with sex lasting for the rest of the night if you’ve planned on trying out new positions or new locations, for that matter. Have a try at unconventional positions that you haven’t tried before, if you have the flexibility and the stamina. You can experiment as many positions as you like.

2. Breathe2 Breathe

It might interest you to know that too much excitement gets in the way of prolonging the sexual act. There’s actually a physiological basis for that, but we won’t bore you with the details. The fact is, you need to relax more if you want sex to last longer. This applies to men more than women, but you can both take deep breaths together as you pleasure each other during foreplay. It helps a lot in stilling the lust and giving you both a longer, pleasurable experience.

1. Use the Stop-Start Technique1 Use the Stop-Start Technique

Time-outs during sex? Why not? If you want to share in the pleasure of each other’s company all day long or all night long, you can stop in the middle of the act, withdraw before climax, and resume a moment later. For those who can hold it, the pleasure could build up to higher levels they’ve never experienced before.

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